Summer Rental with Vrbo (that’s Ver-boh)

Summer is around the corner and what better way to get excited for warm weather than with vacation planning? I know our summer will be packed with all sorts of beach weekends and quick getaways, but we always like to celebrate the end of the school year and our first trip of the summer in the Hamptons over Fourth of July.  The first few weeks of summer are such a great time to be there…so many fun things to do, farmers markets, and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous. I love it there so much because each little town has a wonderful mix of great restaurants, fun shopping, but also has that country life vibe…and you can’t beat the sunsets on the beach. The Hamptons has always been close to my heart. It’s where Jason and I met a million years ago, we got engaged there, and our kids practically grow up there each and every summer.

Waterfront in the Bays

Shelter Island

This year I am making our first Hamptons excursion a big deal. We have been talking about planning a trip with our close friends and their two kiddos. We’ve been friends forever and they actually live in our neighborhood in Battery Park City. We like to do the same things and our kids adore each other. What is most exciting is, they don’t typically vacation in the Hamptons, so I really want to make it special and show them our favorite places and how beautiful it is…BUT I also want them to have input on our rental everyone has a great trip.


We typically book our rentals online through our trusted site like VRBO. Recently, VRBO (V-R-B-O) got a whole new look. They revamped their site and rebranded to become Vrbo (pronounced Ver-boh). It’s funny, plenty of people already pronounced VRBO as Ver-boh, but I never even thought of that. It totally makes sense! One of the new amazing features they have now is Trip Boards, which makes planning a group trip so much easier. You share the board and everyone in your group can weigh in and suggest places and make notes. It is amazing!

Shelter Island

Sag Harbor

The Vrbo app is pretty great too. The interface is seamless, and it is easy to share rental selections with others. Plus, I want to take advantage of their Trip Boards (here’s mine!) feature so I can make the whole party happy. There are so many things to consider, like how many bedrooms, if there’s a pool, location to the beach. My Trip Board, called “The Hamptons” (naturally) has a few dream properties but also several that fall within a modest budget. I love that everyone can vote on their favorite and that’s how we’ll decide, which is essential for a happy group trip. When you’re traveling with a group, you want to stay flexible to have a great vacation. Where are you thinking of heading this summer?

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5 thoughts on “Summer Rental with Vrbo (that’s Ver-boh)”

  1. VRBO sounds like a great resource for finding quality rentals while on vacation. We’re headed to New York this summer and haven’t booked our lodging yet, so I’ll be sure to see what VRBO has to offer first!

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