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There are so many things involved in raising kids that never occurred to me and dental care is one of them. We try to teach our kids to make good choices by serving them the healthiest foods and teaching them good hand-washing habits. As they get older and more opinionated, it seems like there is kicking and screaming involved with every task. I never imagined that my simple requests when it comes to basic hygiene like baths and teeth brushing, would be met with such resistance.

FLAVORite | Stroller In The City

Oral hygiene and care is one of my biggest concerns and has always been important to me. I never miss a cleaning or check-up and I make dental care a priority for my whole family. My kids were so good about brushing their teeth. I downloaded apps and tried to make brushing fun when they were little, which definitely set a good foundation for them. They know they have to brush their teeth regularly, but it seems like we hit a few speed bumps lately. I thought it would get easier as my kids got older because I could reason with them—but apparently, I have to turn into a magician to get certain tasks done.

FLAVORite | Stroller In The City

I found that switching up the oral-care accessories makes a huge difference in our home. Kids love something new…flavors, tools, colors, designs. I mean…who doesn’t, right? I love to try new things and I get excited to introduce a new product into my rotation. I also try to involve my kids in the selection process—then they feel more ownership over it. In fact, one of the top seven recommendations from the American Dental Association to parents is for them to actually go shopping with their kids and allow their children to pick their favorite flavors, packaging colors and brushing accessories.

FLAVORite | Stroller In The CityFLAVORite | Stroller In The City

My kids got to discover a fun package from Crest and they were pretty jazzed by the new Kid’s toothpaste, especially the flavors: Strawberry and Bubble Gum. Of course, now new Crest Kid’s toothpaste flavors are a huge hit in our home and I am thrilled because Crest offers cavity protection with fluoride in fun flavors that definitely get my kids excited to brush. I am excited because the gel is gentle on enamel and comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube, so they have more control and make less of a mess.

FLAVORite | Stroller In The City FLAVORite | Stroller In The City

The new Crest Kid’s flavors are both great, but there is a bit of a toss-up on which flavor is the favorite (or flavorite) in our fam. We did a few test-tastes and Gemma is digging the bubble gum so she is definitely a #TeamBubbleGum girl. Siella stays true to her strawberry love and is holding strong on #TeamStrawberry. Ryder, the tie-breaker, threw us all for a loop by choosing to mix the two! I guess he’s the ringer for #TeamMashup!

FLAVORite | Stroller In The City

Crest has been an oral care staple in homes for what feels like forever! The new Crest Kid’s flavors will help kiddos get excited to practice proper oral care and create a healthy habit that will benefit them for their entire lives! Crest Kid’s toothpaste is available at Target or you can visit Crest.com to learn more about new products and where to purchase.

FLAVORite | Stroller In The City

What team are you on? #TeamBubbleGum, #TeamStrawberry, or #TeamMashUp?

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  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Fantastic! I will get this Crest Kids toothpaste for my grandchildren. I know it is a must to teach them dental hygiene and the best way to encourage them to brush their teeth is using a toothpaste that doesn’t sting. It would make brushing more enjoyable for the little ones.

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