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Strolling Through The Holidays {& Orbitbaby Giveaway}

Usually at this time in December, NYC is chilly and we are bundled up like little snowmen, but the last few weeks have been eerily warm. I’m not complaining, because the warm weather certainly makes running around getting ready for the holidays much more tolerable. This week, the girls and I strolled over to this sweet holiday pop up shop in our neighborhood, which was the first of its kind in our neighborhood. I told the girls they could pick out a few things they would like to gift one another, as well as some other gifts for my parents and our sitter.


The first shop we stumbled upon was filled with Russian matryoshka dolls (the dolls within a doll), with every type of variety, including holiday themed figurines like Santa, in a snowman, in a Christmas tree.  I actually couldn’t believe just how enamored they both were with these sweet dolls, as they made their selections for people on our Christmas lists.

IMG_6660 IMG_6682 IMG_6737

After our little splurge at the doll store, we continued to make our way around to the other shops. Since we had planned to be out all afternoon, I brought along our Orbit Baby stroller, which served as a place for Gemma to relax and play with her new “favorite” doll. This stroller has been my vehicle on the streets of New York City. With its spacious seat, and dual side kick boards, it provides transportation for each of my 3 kids,  as well as a huge storage compartment underneath to store plenty of things during my never ending schleps. At this point, its practically part of our family, working its way somehow into our daily routine.

IMG_6807 IMG_6759

Always looking to spruce up my stroller, the Orbit Baby’s newest collection, the Limited Edition, Porter Collection has been quite the head turner. With heather grey twill upholstery and chic finish of black leatherette trim around the shade, it keeps me looking hip, while I navigate our busy sidewalks.

IMG_6876 IMG_6883

We left the holiday market, after stopping at every single shop, where the girls made it a point to show each store owner their new dolls. To pump up the holiday spirit, we stopped for hot apple cider and cinnamon donuts on the way home. The girls were busting to wrap the presents which they picked out all by themselves. I promised Ryder that we’d return, so he could do a little holiday shop for his sisters.

IMG_6834 IMG_6777

In the spirit of the holidays, I am giving away an Orbit Baby Limited Edition Porter Collection to one lucky Stroller In The City reader! Good luck & Happy Holidays!

Orbit Baby Limited Edition Porter Collection


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40 thoughts on “Strolling Through The Holidays {& Orbitbaby Giveaway}”

  1. Having 17 kiddos and 3 grandbabies…. I am not even close to being done shopping. I have not wrapped 1 single gift. I am just so busy with everyday activities that it tends to be set aside. Lots to do in the next couple weeks! Merry Christmas to your family!!

  2. We have the majority of our shopping done. I think maybe a few more gifts for the oldest and a couple of gifts for my sister who is coming in to town, but we tried not to make it so last minute this year!

  3. Always have goals to be done by Dec 1st….but nevertheless i’m still shopping. It’s my little girl’s first christmas so perhaps I won’t be done until the day before- I keep coming across the cutest things!

  4. I honestly did most of my shopping back in July. I found most of the toys I wanted to get either on clearance or really good sales. The prices I paid were all cheaper than Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials. I just bought the last item needed ladt night and now I’m done. But I still haven’t got around to putting up my tree yet! With a almost 4yr old and 8mth old at home, I haven’t been in a rush.

  5. Almost done with my Christmas shopping i have 5 more gifts to go???? this christmas will be the best christmas because i get to experience it with my son, being a fist time mom is the best. ????❤️Having a son makes holidays and celebrations so much better ????????

  6. I am not done at all…,not easy to do it with my ten months old baby who doesn’t sleep at night and one time nap at day time,i don’t know what a day today!

  7. I am NOT done with shopping. Although I always feel I’m ahead of the game, the reality is I’m never done until the week off. I do avoid stores and try to buy everything online.

  8. I absolutely loved seeing your photos, it looked like such a magical day!

    Holiday shopping for us has been a bit different this year we lost a baby last year, so Christmas shopping was a bit depressing, but now entering the second trimester, we are in high spirits for baby number two! My three year old and I keep saying it’s a girl (she wants a baby sister), but hubby swears it’s a boy haha. Although we have been budgeting for a new life of four, we are still enjoying picking out all of the exciting, and cute baby items, with the help of our daughter of course. This Orbit Baby system would definitely make life a bit easier for us. Blessings to you and your beautiful family !! Thank you for your wonderful posts. Xoxo

  9. Yes I’m done shopping and happy I was able to take care of it all early. Got some great items at great prices.

  10. first year no adult exchange, only gifts to children. Great for me, I dont need anything nor do I want anything. yes I am done! whew

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