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Strike Gold with this St. Paddy’s Day Decor

As someone who is Irish, I love to go all out for my St. Patrick’s Day tablescape! Gold coins, green goblets, a fun table runner- I need it all for my St. Patrick’s Day celebration! My dining room must look like the end of a rainbow. I enjoy going all out for every holiday but this particular one seems to go by pretty quickly. I’ve pulled a few fun items for the middle of the table and decor beyond table settings for the ultimate dinner party I’ll be hosting for my family. Try these affordable items for a themed table this St. Patrick’s Day!

st. patrick's day decor

Table Pieces

Firstly, table centerpieces are things that I find to be fun. They can be functional or just there to look pretty, but one thing I know is that I love a gold tablescape. Gold flatware and gold accents are things you might already own, so they are easy to place at your table for a pots of gold feel. The green glassware can be difficult to pull off and at what extra cost? If it’s a multi-use product I want to ensure I’ll get plenty of use out of it. For instance, I found green candles to place into gold candle stick holders for a vintage feel while still looking classy. They can be used over and over again and I think are stunning for spring decor!

st. patrick's day decor


Secondly, stepping away from the table for a moment, I like to have fun decor in the whole space for March 17th! Little green shamrocks and a festive table beyond things like plates makes me feel so excited for the holiday. I found an adorable wreath for the door and hope it brings good luck, because it’s the perfect addition to the holiday and is totally on par for the color scheme while not being a tacky decoration. Something I found that’s new this year (for me) is a do it yourself rainbow balloon arch. I really like the rainbow and gold themes over the 4-leaf clover because they bring more color and metallics to the space. I think it’s a great idea to have decor beyond table decorations for St. Patrick’s Day.

st. patrick's day decor


Finally, this is a quick day that does come and go. Valentine’s Day decorations come down around the 18th for me just because that’s when I get around to it, so I have less than a month to enjoy my St. Patrick’s Day decor! Which means, it’s go time for decorating! One thing I’ve done a bit differently this year is go for some paper products that are a one time use. For example, this can be plates or cups for place settings.

st. patrick's day decor

Luckily, they make so many options that are far from boring these days. And with the gold theme I’m headed for, I can save things I don’t use for other occasions! Moreover, I found an adorable cake stand that can live beyond my St. Patrick’s Day tablescape into the spring. The clovers on it aren’t overly holiday like and they feel very springy to me, so I’m excited to bring it into the new season!

st. patrick's day decor

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st. patrick's day quote

Firstly, this is the magnificent cake stand I was talking about! It’s neutral while still feeling celebratory.
Secondly, these are a fun addition to the drinks! They also help differentiate whose drink is whose.
Thirdly, keeping it on theme with these napkins! They bring the green and the shamrock shape to the table.
These are paper plates, but how cute are they? And the best part is there are no dishes!
We are keeping the gold trend for awhile! This is the perfect table runner and goes well for practically any theme.
Staying with the gold here, this is a great wall addition. It brings celebration to the space and is easy to hang.
Now I know this looks intimidating, but I promise you can do it! The instructions are simple and my kids love it.
Anthropologie does it again! These juice glasses are a staple in my home and I love swapping out the themes throughout the year.
Furthermore, how cute is this! It will make the perfect swap for my front door decor.
I’m all about the neutral candle holders. These are a glassy gold and work for things like Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, birthdays and other celebrations.
These are several shades of green candles. I like the variety and think the shades are muted enough for everyday use.
Finally, these are technically for chocolate, but I use them for ice! I think they add so much fun to the drinks.

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st. patrick's day decor
st. patrick's day decor

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