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Teenage Beauty Favorites

I’m officially a mom of teens and tweens and the biggest trend in my home at the moment is beauty. I’m excited to set up a skincare routine for my girls and chat all about new beauty products to try out. I know there are a ton of trends out there at the moment and I think it is important that we focus on the products that work best with our skin types and hair types. Especially for teenage girls, with all the changes they go through, we don’t want extra pimples just because we wanted to try out new beauty brands. This is a full list of products for older teens and tween skincare as well as our favorite beauty products at the moment.

teen beauty favorites


We’ve all seen the Sephora kids wildness going on and I think going to look at beauty items is a fun way to enter womanhood. Now this can be done in a way where we do our research ahead of time and go to the store to pick it up, rather than play around with the sample items. Drunk Elephant products are the biggest rage at the moment, and mostly because they look like fun. But we want to pay close attention to active ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin. Necessities in my book, include the items that help you feel your best. For instance, if you have pimples, a spot treatment is great because it targets that one insecurity. If you have curly hair, a leave in conditioner will be your best friend!



Let me just reflect on the fact that I love that skincare is in! Taking care of yourself should always be in and skincare and hygiene is a lot of that. I, myself, am learning so many cool things about skincare from my own kids and making those habits. In fact, teenagers and tweens start getting into wearing makeup, which goes on better with a clearer base. Therefore, it all starts with skincare. It feels like a fresh start and if you don’t know where to begin, I’ll break down skin types below. Young children don’t need a ton of skincare but introducing them to concepts and products at a young age is a good idea. It takes awhile to see results with skincare, even with the best products.

teen beauty favorites

Under Eye Glow // Glow Sunscreen // Solawave // Micellar Water // Under Eye Gels // Water Cream Moisturizer // Creamy Concealer // Face Spray Trio // Bronzing Drops // Glass Skin Veil // Glow Base // Lip Oil // Byoma Skin Set // Ceramide Mask // Lip Treatment // Cheek + Lip Tint


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Skin Type

To begin, figuring out your child’s skin type is probably the most important place to start. The various types include: dry, sensitive, combination and oily. And yes, combination skin is a mix of a few of them, which can complicate things sometimes, but in this day and age, there is always a skincare solution. Henceforth, once you know their skin type, you can begin with the basics and then move towards skincare products to target specific needs!


The Basics

When I say basics, I mean the things that everyone has in their routine. These items are all different, but the categories are the same and go as follows: toner, moisturizer, eye cream and lip care. All of these steps should probably be in everyone’s routine, but we all have different skincare needs, so that’s where the products differ and steps are added in. For example, someone with dry skin might add a hyaluronic acid into their routine to replenish moisture, while someone with oily or combination skin might need an AHA or BHA treatment to exfoliate their skin a few times a week.

teen beauty favorites


This is a large category and I know when I walked into a makeup store for the first time, I was overwhelmed. And not just by the price tag! There are so many hair and beauty care brands these days, it’s nearly impossible to know where to begin! I always say stick with your hair type and find products that are going to have you feeling your best. If you have frizzy hair or too much oil production on your scalp, they have tons of great products with great reviews. Moreover, body care is major! Deodorant, lotion, shaving cream, you name it, we all need it. The adorable packaging usually wins these days, but ingredients lists are essential to pay attention to. Nothing is worse than skin irritation, especially in the teen years. Clean ingredients and a gentle formula are a slam dunk here.

teen beauty

Deodorant // Sugar Scrub // Lotion Set // Whipped Sunscreen // Shine Mask // Scalp Scrubber // Perfume Set // Airstraight // Shower Oil // Hair Oil // Detangler // Beauty Under Eye+Clip Set // Volumizing Hair Dryer


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The Fun Stuff

Just because we have a routine, doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun! Altogether, the same goes for any skin issues we might be dealing with, we can find ways to make tackling those needs exciting. There are some products like wash off masks and sheet masks that can be done 1-2x a week and those are some things my girls look forward to doing because they’re special since we only get to do them so often. They even make cute shaped pimple patches these days, where were those when I was a teenager?!


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teen beauty favorites
teen beauty favorites

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