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Stars and Dots

I love anything custom: customized blankets, beach bags, towels, etc. So when I saw you can actually design your own leggings, I was sold. Polkadot What came up with the idea to spread more creativity, happiness, confidence and self-esteem among kids by turning a popular clothing item into a fun and interactive design piece. Every customer will get the opportunity to pick and choose their own unique Polkadot What leggings of their choice in a simple two-step process. Here is how it works: Click on which print you like from the first column as your “1st leg” and then click on which print you like from the 2nd column as your 2nd leg. All shapes represent a personality type. Choose according to which shape best represents you or which one you like best. Leggings come in cropped or ankle length. Polkadot What uses a blend of cotton and spandex to give a super soft feel. Check out Siella sporting a “creative” and “loveable” pair. Also available at one of my favs Darling Clementine Shop.


Here are some other inspirations!


 Stroller in the city received a pair of leggings for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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