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Spreading Kindness with Little Words Project

Spreading kindness is so important. With everything going on in the world from the geopolitical scene to things going on right in our own communities, the world has never needed kindness more than it does right now. That’s why I love Little Words Project so much. This company is founded on the idea and mission that spreading kindness is the most important thing that we as individuals can do in the world. And they make that a reality with each piece of fun and upbeat jewelry that they create and sell. Located on Bleecker Street, Little Words Project bracelets spread an inspirational word a long way.
Girls outside the NYC Little Words Project storefront in SoHo


The founder of Little Words Project is Adriana Carrig. After a life of bullying and negativity, she wanted to find a way to foster kindness and encouragement in her college sorority. That’s when she first started making her bracelets. She’s led a decade of kindness with Little Words Project and continues the mission of spreading kindness through her company.


This company was founded on kindness, self-love, collaboration, authenticity, inclusivity, and giving back. Little Words Project is dedicated to helping everyone find that one little word that helps them feel their best. Moreover, spread kindness and love to those around them. I think we all have a common goal with the brand’s values. Protecting our mental health and spreading good vibes via friendship bracelets feels like a fun way to aid in personal growth. Furthermore, these can serve as a daily reminder to be kind. A small act of kindness goes a very long way and we all need to focus more on our words of kindness to women of all ages.
Girls DIY Little Words Project activity

Birthday Party

You guys, I’m a fan. Consider us loyal customers! This company makes bracelets for both adults and kids, and they’re all focused on that core tenet of spreading kindness. I’m a particularly big fan because I and my daughters have bracelets from Little Words Project.

My daughter even had a birthday party at one of their New York locations where she and her friends were able to customize their very own bracelets. It was a great party that was focused on kindness and friendship. I have to say that after the party, I saw a definite shift toward even more kindness from my daughter and her friends. I think this is beautiful. Kind acts go such a long way and it felt like a natural fit for a tween birthday party. Middle school is tough, so going on a mission of kindness is great! LWP gives bracelets a whole new meaning when there is a core perspective written on them.

Daughter enjoying a craft day in NYC at Little Words Project Bracelet beads for craft night in NYC


One of my favorite things about Little Words Project is that they collaborate with other fun companies for kids as well as offering a variety of pieces for charitable causes, Mother’s Day, bridal gifts, and more. For the kids, you’ll find brand collaborations with Roller Rabbit, Barbie, Crayola, and more. Adults will find pieces for sororities, gifting, bridal accessories, and even pieces designed especially for men. They also carry tons of accessories and even stickers. Nothing is more fun than stickers.

Daughter shopping in SoHo NYC

Spread the Kindness

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, there’s no better gift than the gift of kindness, and there’s no better way for spreading kindness than wearing a piece of jewelry from Little Words Project. They’re the perfect way to love yourself and your neighbors and make kindness a daily occurrence.

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Kindness Quote Text:/ No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

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