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Halloween Movies To Watch

There’s something about Halloween movies that are just so fun and dear to my heart. Holiday movies, especially classic ones, are so nostalgic. There’s some great ones from my childhood, new kids Halloween movies, thrillers, scary ones, the list goes on. My family really enjoys putting on a great holiday movie and spending time together! I’ve put together a list of my absolute must-watch movies to watch this month and they are all on major streaming platforms, so they’re easily accessible!

The Addams Family

We all know and love this classic film. I’m categorizing it as a Halloween must-watch movie because they are spooky! If you don’t know what this film is, it’s about a family who has a man appear on their doorstep claiming to be the long lost brother of the father of the family- Gomez. A series of events happen that lead the kooky family to hire a lawyer and find out if this man is truly related to them or just trying to steal their fortune. You can watch this on Amazon!

Bonus: The Addams Family 2 is a cartoon movie that’s super cute and available to watch on Hulu!

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated film by the classic spooky king himself, Tim Burton. It’s in the style of a dark musical, so there’s some catchy songs to break up the scenes and make it more fun! The story follows a man who is nervous about an arranged marriage, so he practices his vows in the forest and accidentally proposes to Emily- the corpse bride. The two have some back and forth, but you have to watch to find out who Victor ends up choosing: the living or the dead. Catch this Halloween musical on HBO Max or Hulu with a premium subscription!

Hocus Pocus

A classic witchy film? Yes please! Hocus Pocus follows Max, who goes into a haunted house with his sister and friend and accidentally frees the Sanderson sisters, who are witches. They enlist the help of a magical cat to find the book of spells to make sure the witches don’t become immortal. Find this Halloween classic on Disney Plus!

Hocus Pocus 2

The Sanderson sisters are back– yes you read that right! And this time, they are determined to stay immortal. When a young girl turns 16 and lights the black flame, she not only summons the sisters, but powers of her own. Watch to see if they get to stay on this Earth or learn the true meaning of what is important to them. Also only available on Disney Plus! Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker are back with another few songs– which is always a great time!


If you haven’t seen Coco, let me tell you, you are surely missing out! It’s the sweetest story that teaches you all about Dia De Los Muertos- The Day of the Dead. You can learn all about the history of it and the holiday’s traditions through the lead character, Miguel. He is on the search to find the spirit of a famous singer, whom he believes to be his grandfather. Finding other relatives along the way, he rushes to make sure no relatives are forgotten and that their spirits live on for this special day. Stream it now on Disney Plus!

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is where monsters can go to be themselves! No silly humans! This is a seriously fun series of movies that follow our favorite monster classics as they enjoy their time at the lavish monster hotel. With voices from Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez this is a family must watch!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another classic Tim Burton film is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a stop-motion animated film about Halloween and all the spooky characters you can imagine! It follows Jack Skellington, who is the Pumpkin King. He gets bored and accidentally discovers Christmas Town and in his attempt to take it over, a series of unfortunate events take place. Follow Jack Skeleton and go on a wild Halloween ride via Disney Plus! This is a great family film!


If you’re looking for more of a scary film this Halloween season, I’d recommend Halloween! It’s a classic scary film for this holiday! A 6 year old murders his older sister and gets locked in jail for 15 years, but the night before Halloween, he is transferred for a court date and ends up stealing a car and breaking out of jail. He heads to his small hometown to look for his next victim, all these years later. If you’re in the mood for a scary movie, this one is on Amazon Prime Video! This is at the top of the cult classic horror movies! If you’re watching for the first time, maybe make sure you’re with friends! Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this one.


If you’re reading this title, be sure not to say it thrice, or Beetlejuice will appear! Of course, this is another Tim Burton classic with a great cast! When a couple dies in a car accident and gets stuck haunting their home, a new family moves into it- but they are having trouble scaring them. Beetlejuice appears and he’s just the man for the job! You can catch this classic spooky film on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV!


When a group of scientists lose their jobs, they decide to become “ghostbusters” to make money. Upon doing so, they come across a portal to another dimension- the supernatural. But this one releases evil upon NYC. They have to find a way to save New York and close this portal. Catch this classic 80’s Halloween film on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu with a premium subscription. This is one of the best movies to put on at a Halloween party, nonetheless, it’s one of the best Halloween movies of all time! The best part is that you can watch it with your kids because it’s not terrifying.

Hubie Halloween

In this newer Halloween Netflix original film, Hubie is completely devoted to his hometown. He sleeps, lives and breathes it. Unfortunately, he is a made a complete mockery by everyone. On Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, Hubie finds himself in an investigation for a real life murder. Who did it? This is one of my kids’ favorite Halloween movies! The best way to get into the spirit is with a great film! The entire movie will keep you captivated.


If you’re afraid of ghosts, have no fear, because Casper is a friendly one! Created in the late 90’s, Casper the Friendly Ghost is a dark drama/comedy film about an afterlife therapist and his daughter who move into a house full of ghosts. They meet 3 wild, typical ghosts and then there’s Casper- the friendly ghost. It’s based on the Harvey Comics Cartoon character of Casper and is really a classic, adorable film. You can find Casper and his fellow spirits on Amazon Prime Video. It’s the perfect Halloween movie the whole family will enjoy this time of year.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a horror classic spooky Halloween film. It takes place in the Midwest and centers around teenagers who become prey to Freddy Krueger- a nightmare slasher. He is a midnight mangler who comes after teens in their dreams and kills them in reality. Nancy figures out that the parents in town have a huge secret that might be the key to stopping this figure once and for all, but can she do it before it’s too late? Watch this scary film on Hulu Premium to find out! This is more of a horror film that is not only one of the top classic Halloween movies, but I think it’s perfect to watch on Halloween night. The horror genre will get you into the spooky spirit!


Let’s finish up our list of Halloween films with a scary one, shall we? Marion is a secretary that stole a ton of money from her employer in the hopes of running away for good with her boyfriend. They get tired on the road and decide to stop at a motel for the night and that’s where they meet Norman, a man with serious issues and a love for taxidermy. Not the best combination. You can catch this classic scary movie on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu with a premium subscription and Showtime. Scary stories are meant for spooky season Scary stories are meant for spooky season and a psychological thriller makes for jump scares in this modern classic.

Happy Halloween!

This post was originally published October 26th, 2021*

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  1. We showed our kids Beetlejuice for the first time last weekend. Michael Keaton is so good. Such a strange movie though!

  2. I love how nolstagic classic horror movies are too. It wasn’t mentioned here but my favorite is “Jeepers Creepers”

  3. So many great Halloween movie ideas. My daughter loves Coco and Hotel Transylvania. Have to introduce her to Casper too!


    This is great. I’m loving all the suggestions especially the animated ones those tend to be my favourites. We love Hocus Pocus too, it’s a classic!!!

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