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A Space Of His Own

In my family, I was one of three children, I was the oldest, then my sister, who is only 20 months younger, and my brother. When I was growing up, I remember telling my parents that I wish I was an only child. I even went as far as saying to my parents that when I grow up, I am only going to have one child because I don’t want them to have to share with anyone else. Remind you, I was about 5 years old at the time. Cut to now, and here I am with three children. Obviously I realized the rewards of being part of a large family, and how lucky I was to grow up with siblings.

Setting Up A Homework Space

Setting Up A Homework Space

Something that prompted these feelings of animosity towards my siblings was never having my own space. My sister and I shared a room, and along with everything else including clothes and toys. Currently, Ryder is in that same position having to share a bedroom with his sisters. The lack of space is the one thing which I dislike the most about living in NYC. But this year, Ryder started 1st grade, which comes with plenty of homework, so we needed to give some private space to Ryder, so he could hit the books.

Setting Up A Homework Space

Our living room is fairly large, and we created a play area for the kids. I decided to move over some toys and carve out a section where Ryder can have his own desk. This desk will serve as not only his homework space, but it will also allow him to store his toys and provide an area to work on his many Lego sets that he loves to build.

When it came time to choosing a desk and chair set for him, I decided to select some pieces from Stokke. Stokke is one of my favorite brands for children’s furniture and gear, including highchairs, strollers, baby carriers, and nursery essentials. Their products are made extremely well, and a bonus is that some pieces are designed to grow with your children.

Setting Up A Homework Space

Each one of my children has their own Stokke signature own Tripp Trapp chair since they were babies. The chair has grown with them from starting solid foods, and it is still being used as a chair for our dining table.

The Tripp Trapp highchair revolutionized children’s high chairs back in 1972. It is designed to fit right up to your table, so your baby can easily be included in meals and family time around the table. The intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth and height adjustable seat and footplates. Your child may even use this seat up into their teenage years.

Setting Up A Homework Space Setting Up A Homework Space

This desk we chose is actually, Stokke’s Care Changing Table, which we turned into a shelving unit and now a desk. It’s been in the children’s bedroom as a shelving unit, and I thought it would serve as the perfect desk for Ryder. We used the Stokke Desk Kit and it was easily transformed. The plastic side trays are the perfect storage bins for all of his school paperwork, and the dark wood color of the desk compliments other furniture pieces in our play area.

Setting Up A Homework Space

Ryder has been super excited about his own space, and something that belongs to just him. He has even decorated it with a few desk top supplies making it his very own. In fact, on the night we put it together, he completed his newest Lego set that he received for Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “A Space Of His Own”

  1. We are having a similar situation in our home as well and are trying to decide if we should buy a bigger house or divide one of their bedrooms. I like the desk idea though!

  2. How is Ryder doing with his glasses? My son just got a note sent home from his school about possible needing them for far vision was wondering if you’ve seen a difference yet.

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