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Extra Set Of Hands

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One of my goals for 2015 is to start taking better care of myself. Lately, at the end of the each day, I am just left exhausted. I’m making it a point to eat better, to get back to my yoga routine, and to stop putting so much on my plate.

How To Find A Babysitter With UrbanSitter How To Find A Babysitter With UrbanSitter

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a mom of three is the after school shuffle. Each week, I struggle with getting the kids to and from their activities and play dates. At first, I thought I signed up for too much, because with three children, it is almost impossible to schedule classes that don’t overlap. In addition to classes, we still have the occasional doctor visits, along with Ryder’s weekly therapy session, all leaving our week jam packed. I looked back to see how I managed it all the years prior, and it turns out that it was actually easier when they were younger, and I only had Ryder’s after school activities to worry about. Now, even Gemma has a music class at 3pm in the afternoon.

How To Find A Babysitter With UrbanSitter

We do have a set babysitter three times a week, which helps me tremendously, but there are always those two days that I find myself going crazy trying to get them all from place to place. I somehow do the shuffle, but it leaves me completely wiped out and stressed by the end of the day. I realized that I need the extra set of hands, and why not get the help so I won’t end up zonked. I’ve struggled with the decision whether to get someone full time for those two days, but in reality, I need the extra help only for a few hours.

For this scenario, UrbanSitter has been an incredible resource. They are an online service, where parents can research and hire babysitters, recommended by people they know via Facebook. Whether you are looking for the occasional sitter, full-time nanny, or last minute help, UrbanSitter will find available sitters, and show you the ones recommended by parents in your social circles (mother’s group, child’s school, sports team, etc.). It’s super easy to search sitters by date & time, book jobs, and even pay online. It’s quick and efficient, and they are perfect for last minute events that catch you scrambling for coverage.

How To Find A Babysitter With UrbanSitter

Our family now uses three different sitters from UrbanSitter. I sourced them through my network of friends who’ve used them over the years. The recommendations, self bios and videos make it extremely easy to choose a sitter who suits you and your family.

I’m so excited to have partnered with UrbanSitter, and we will be offering a $75 Gift Card to the first 50 readers to comment below. Motherhood is obviously one of the hardest jobs ever, so why not have an extra set of hands!

UrbanSitter is available in San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, LA, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Boston and Washington DC. Gift Card is valid for first time users.

Thank you UrbanSitter for sponsoring this post. 

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  1. This is a service I need! Sounds like it makes it so much easier to find a babysitter rather than scrambling around for recommendations and having to call them one by one!

  2. Date night? What’s a date night? Lol! Two kids are exhausting and I probably wouldn’t know what to do with a date night but I know I’d sure love to find out!!

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