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Snacks Parents and Kids Can Agree On

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Any seasoned parent knows that you can never have enough snacks on hand. As of late, since we are all home together 24.7, I’ve realized just how ravenous they’ve become as they’ve grown older. They will literally eat anything edible that I put in front of them. I always try to offer them sensible options, but now that we are confined to the house and a little less active, I feel these options are more important than ever.

I’ve been giving them lots of fresh fruit when I can find it. The same goes for veggies. Raw veggies with hummus is a great trick. The hummus jazzes up the veggie, and they dig dipping. Little tweaks and fixes like this keep kids happy with their snacks and reassures me.

Another recent hit in my snack arsenal has been Quaker Chewy Classic Granola Bars. My kids love the taste and every classic bar is made with at least 9g of 100% whole grains. Depending on which bar you choose, you’ll also find other great yummy ingredients like chocolate chips and raisins. At 100 calories or less per bar, with no artificial flavors or added colors, these are snacks that I will always say yes to when my kids are ransacking our cupboards.

With all the time indoors, I limit time spent watching the news, so my kids remain calm. Instead, we make up new daily rituals to keep busy during the day, like an indoor tea party with their little toy bunnies, while snacking on some Quaker Chewy bars. Lots of laughs, cuddles and yummy snacks are what I want my kids to remember about this time.

Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip granola bars are always a staple, but there are so many other options, like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, S’Mores, PB & Marshmallow, Chocolate Brownie-licious, and Dark Chocolate Chunk. 

And yes, I have all these classic flavors on hand, because I’m sure next week they’ll have a new favorite flavor, to mix it up a bit.

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15 thoughts on “Snacks Parents and Kids Can Agree On”

  1. I love Quaker Chewy bars and am an adult, hehe. And some chocolate makes it so much better. Warning – I tried buying a box on Amazon and I don’t know if it was an oddity but half the bars arrived melted. 🙁

  2. These candies look great! If possible, please share the nutritional values too. It will help the readers to know the food in a better way.

  3. Such a great idea! I think I will buy some of the Quacker granola bars for my niece. I have to watch her sometimes and she always has the munchies!

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