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May Books For Kids

My kids are going through their books so fast! I know they can’t be the only ones. Because we’re home all day everyday,  I’m having to keep their reading material and activities, new and exciting. As the season is changing there are tons of new children’s releases perfect for all that extra time our kids are spending inside. This months list includes a great selection of activity books and little stories that embrace the little bumps of life.

My Mom Is Magical features a magical unicorn that happily celebrates just how amazing moms are! A perfect Mother’s Day addition.
This is an awesome activity book! Contains 20 press out animals to be decorated and/or threaded together to create a garland.
Another wonderful activity book. Color, dress, and design 32 woodland animals! Give them a hat or a skirt or even socks! Get creative!
The perfect introductory of essential STEM words for kids! A totally fun educational book? Just what we’re all needing!
Follow Ellie as her family is forced to move from the city to the forrest. Ellie quickly discovers a whole new love for the natural world.
The perfect book to teach our children about turning a negative into a positive. They may be small and cant do everything…yet!
Little Oliver takes a beautiful unearthed journey with his monkey to discover concepts of wonder and power.
The perfect book for uncertain times. Features tools that can help our children with fear, sadness, boredom, and loneliness.
This is just what my family needs. As a family we have been cooking so much more than usually and my kids are growing a natural curiosity for recipes and cooking.
A one of a kind activity book for girls! These crafts will encourage independence and inspire imagination!
Sasha finds herself stuck at home for a whole summer due to bad weather. She discovers the stories of legendary women and uses her mothers closet to bring them alive!
That’s Life is a beautiful reminded that life is what you make of it. Lets embrace the imperfections and celebrate the good!
A whimsical book of poems and drawings for children and families of all ages.

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12 thoughts on “May Books For Kids”

  1. I love checking out new books with my kids as well. It’s so fun to allow them to explore with just a book.

  2. These all seem like such wonderful books. I especially like the activity ones mentioned and the book of poetry.

  3. My niece is a bit young for these but my cousin has young children who would enjoy them. They do love their books.

  4. A lot of new interesting books for kids. I am sure I will find something that my kid will like!

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