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Simple Elegance for Fall

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Simple elegance is the name of the game for me when it comes to fashion and home decor. I’m a fan of looks for my family and my home that are timeless. I love clean lines, simple colors, and styles that are proven to be beautiful and trendy long after the current fad has gone the way of the dodo. That’s especially true of home decor. After all, I can replace an outdated look for myself or my kids relatively easily, but it’s not so simple when it comes to home decor.

I currently loving my newest home decor find, Kassatex New York. Kassatex specializes in elegant, understated comfort and style for both the home and the people living in it. Their line features bath options, bedding, decor options, beach towels and bags, and even bathrobes and pajamas. Every piece from every collection is designed for ultra comfort and style to stand the test of life and time, which is really my favorite part. While style is important to me, I have three kids, so durability and quality are key, too, and Kassatex offers both.

This fall, I gave my room an elegant update with simple, white linens, and I got some lovely, and super comfy, white robes for myself, Jason, and the kids. All the items I chose are beautiful and understated, which makes them perfect for a timeless home.

I chose a set of simple, white sheets along with a white duvet cover for our bed. Their percale sheets are crafted from a cotton/Eucalyptus blend known as Tencel. Each percale collection offers has a matte finish and is airy in weight like a crisp, worn-in oxford shirt. I think the clean look and crisp white color makes for a wonderful addition to our room’s overall feel, adding a pop of interest to the room without the overwhelming feel of bright color.

For our master bathroom, I chose some lovely white towels. Again, I love anything white because it’s timeless and elegant, and it absolutely goes with anything. The towels are the perfect accent to the feel of our bathroom, and they give it that serene vibe that is so nice to have in that particular room.

Finally, who doesn’t love a quality robe! They are so soft and luxurious, and they make us all feel like high style couch potatoes when we put them on. When I wear my robe, I just want to curl up on the couch and read a book while I drink my coffee. I notice my kids have theirs on pretty much the entire time they’re in our home, so I think they’re winners.

My fall revamp has been a huge success, and that’s due mainly to the simple clean designs from Kassatex that made it easy for me to choose something that fits my home and my style perfectly. Now I’m currently swooning their site for winter throws!

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20 thoughts on “Simple Elegance for Fall”

  1. You’re a girl after my own heart – lol – I love this. My must-haves are simple, clean lines and a white duvet. All of my towels are plush and white. My mom taught me years ago to just do white. I love the robes!

  2. As I have grown older, I have definitely become more minimalistic in my design style. This Room looks so inviting and comfy.

  3. It doesn’t get any better than soft, luxurious bedding and bathrobes! I’m definitely checking out the Kassatex brand! (Loved your daughter’s facial photo – too cute!!!)

  4. You can never go wrong on white its clean looking and simple. This is the first time I heard about Kassex brand looks like they have a good quality bedding sets. I would love to check this out.

  5. These look like amazing products. I always love the clean white look myself. Having a good quality bed sheet set is important to me. I think I’ll have to give these ones a try.

  6. I totally agree with you about not going with the super trendy stuff, and more of the timeless style. I love this bedding, and your decor reminds me of a hotel in a great way – so clean and uncluttered. I love fresh, new bedding and will have to check out Kassatex.

  7. The white sheets make it look (and probably feel) like you’re checked into a luxury hotel. My room could use an upgrade, and Kassatex sounds like the way to do it.

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