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Our Top 10 Sleds for the Winter

Happy 2024! It’s so great to be able to wake up to a completely fresh slate and peak organization. Winter has technically hit NYC, although we are still waiting on a fresh layer of snow. My kids love winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, but one they really enjoy is sledding. Sledding is something the kids can do with each other and it gets them active and outdoors off the screens! In preparation for the first snow this winter season, here are our top sleds for a speedy ride on the snowy hills.

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Firstly, there are so many different sleds to choose from and I’d like to point out that they are all so cool. You can go the traditional route and grab a plastic toboggan one like the good old days, or you can go the modern way and pick up a blow up option. My kids think those are the coolest new thing this winter! It makes you feel like you’re driving the sled down the hill, rather than just riding it down. Furthermore, having a slick bottom, tow rope, pull rope, or being able to reach high speeds are main things that make for hours of entertainment. Kids of all ages can participate in this activity, I even do it as an adult in the snow season!

our top sleds

Moreover, a few different types of sleds to look into are an inflatable sled, flexible flyer, inflatable options, slippery racer or a classic toboggan. Although, I must say, a saucer sled is one of those classic, cheap plastic sleds that make for a great option because of the built in handles, light weight design and simplicity that make for the right decisions. It’s kinda the perfect type of sled and a great choice for a more affordable option.



Specifically, I feel like sledding is one of those activities that everyone has great childhood memories of! I love that my kids enjoy sledding because it’s an outdoor activity that keeps them occupied and happy. It’s so refreshing to have something that gets them outside and the best part is that it keeps them active and off technology. It’s a much needed break from school work, too! In the right conditions, it can be an opportunity for some fresh air and good exercise! I love when my kids get to play outside in all types of snow in the winter time.


The perfect snow sled is something that is a great purchase for the winter! Be sure to wear a helmet to avoid head injuries and pay attention to safety features on the sleds when you are purchasing them. There are a lot of kids who play on the hills and it’s important to focus on safety. Additional features like heavy-duty plastic, a steering wheel and built-in handles are great to have. As a family that lives primarily in the city, a larger size is off limits for storage reasons. But when we’re out at the house, we can have a bigger sled since there’s more space and it’s always fun to slide on the classic look.


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Finally, what’s great about this activity, is that it’s such a versatile sport. Yes, I’m calling it a sport! For instance, everyone can use so many different forms of sleds. This is one of those activities that is available in so many places, too. All we need is a hill and snow! This is an activity you can do as a family, as well, which is great time spent with one another. These are our top 10  snow sleds of the season and I wish you all a happy winter!

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Firstly, we are major Funboy fans! This is a brand new winter edition of their snow sleds.
Secondly, a saucer is a classic option for the activity. It’s easy to store and carry.
Thirdly, how cool is this! It’s kind’ve like learning how to snowboard but there’s handles to help stabilize.
You don’t even need a sled for this one! The shoes do all the work for you and make it easier to walk in the snow.
I like to have an option for infants! This one is safe and has the screen to block out wind burn and the cold.
A classic toboggan is a great first sled. This one is pink and the rope helps with staying on and steering.
Furthermore, how fun is this?! It looks like a racer and comes in a few color options.
Having a sled that easily slides down the hill is key to a successful day of play. This one is great and affordable!
Moreover, this might be one of the most adorable snow tubes! I always love flamingo options and the earmuffs and scarf make it too cute to pass up on.
Finally, I’ve never seen a sled like this before. Typically you can squeeze two onto one but this has 3 seats and adults can fit in it!

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our top 10 sleds

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