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Bathing Suit Confessions

Ok let’s get real mamas. As much as we absolutely love the beach, the sun, and everything about the summer, the bathing suit situation can leave me a bit uneasy. Sure, I wear bathing suits to the beach, but they’re typically concealed somewhat with a sarong or one of my signature style long maxi dresses. I will totally admit I just don’t workout as much as I would like to, and lost that confidence of yesteryear when I was able to wear suit I wanted. I think that goes for many of us mamas, or at least those with whom I’ve spoken with time and time again.

The Only Swimsuit You'll Need The Only Swimsuit You'll Need

Well, following my three day trip to Mexico with Momtrends & Miraclesuit, my perspective on this situation has changed dramatically! I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’ve never tried on a Miraclesuit swimsuit, and honestly after my first encounter, I may never wear another brand again. To be honest, I always perceived that Miraclesuits were what my mom wore, but I couldn’t have been more mistaken. It really it doesn’t matter if you are a vivacious 30 year old or and an experienced 60 year old, they are great for women of all shapes and sizes.

The Only Swimsuit You'll Need The Only Swimsuit You'll Need

Previous bathing suits haven’t complemented my body type. I’ve always been a two piece-suit candidate, because I was under the impression they offered better bust support, but boy was I wrong. I tried a few one piece styles from the Miraclesuit Swimsuit line, and they proved to be a major game changer.

The Only Swimsuit You'll Need

When Miraclesuit says, you’ll look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds- it’s the truth. Their bathing suits hug you in all the right places, while accentuating the areas you want to flaunt. Every suit is crafted from our unique Miratex fabric, to give a women’s body the support, fit, and shaping it needs, regardless of one’s flaws or size.

The Only Swimsuit You'll NeedThe Only Swimsuit You'll Need

While in Mexico with my girlfriends, I felt confident and secure in my bathing suits. Of course it helps when you are surrounded by friends, who are all about lifting and empowering one another, and handing out compliments. But seriously we all felt great! And guess what. I rarely used my coverups while chilling poolside, or on the beach. That says a lot!

The Only Swimsuit You'll Need

I am so looking forward to the summer months, and already have my eye on a list of suits! Big thank you to Momtrends & Miraclesuit for taking me along for the ride on this dream vacay!



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5 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Confessions”

  1. This looks like it was such a blast! I am loving your swimsuit with the tie in the front, it’s so flattering!

  2. Their swimsuits are so flattering, so it will definitely give you a confidence boost especially when walking around the beach or the resort! The designs are really beautiful as well. Love them all!

  3. The right bathing suit is EVERYTHING! The Miracle Suit swimsuit could be the answer to solving the endless journey of buying THE perfect suit!

  4. All of the suits are really lovely. I definitely need to get my hands on a Miracle Suit because it’s going to take a miracle for my body to look summer ready on its own this year 😉

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