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Ryder Turns 5

Yesterday was Ryder’s Fifth birthday! Turning five is a pretty big deal! It will mark a bunch of milestones for him – halfway to ten, starts kindergarten and will no longer be considered “toddler”. This birthday for some reason I am having a really hard time processing it. Although I’m super happy and so very proud of him of my big boy, time is just racing by at this point and moving way too quickly for me. The phrase used most frequently and so darn true – “enjoy it; because it goes by fast”  is seriously no joke. And I think the more kids you have, the faster time goes by.

turning 5



These emotions, I think are drummed up because Ryder is my first child and only son. I keep thinking to myself, how is it that I’ve been a mom for five years already. My son has changed me as a person. When he was born my entire world that I once knew, was now turned around into something I simply cannot explain or put into words. Things that used to be so important to me weren’t anymore, and this love, nurturing, and caring for this little being was really all that mattered. While some things are a blur to me, I do remember vividly a lot of our time together because it was him and I for almost three years before Siella came along.




Ryder is really a sweet boy and great big brother to his sisters. He definitely watches out for them, especially Siella. She loves him so much and tries to be just like him by copying his good and even bad behaviors at times. Ryder and I recent had our usual “date” once a week. We headed uptown for an event and we were literally walking down a street on the UWS and I seriously wanted to just break down in tears. We were having this conversation about his camp, he telling me about his day, asking these intricate questions and it just hit me….my little boy is growing up!


turning 5

Yesterday, we let Ryder decide on what he wanted to do for his birthday. He was able to call all the shots. Our day started off with a birthday breakfast, followed by a trip to Dumbo, Brooklyn. He wanted to ride Jane’s Carousel which happens to be closed on Tuesdays fyi..just our luck! But we wound up having a blast at the beautiful parks, had some ice cream at Jacques Torres, and walked home over the Brooklyn Bridge. Lastly, we had a family dinner at one of his favorites, Kitchenette. Jason wound up flying in for his birthday and everything was just perfect. His birthday week continues with a birthday party at his favorite amusement park this Friday with all of his friends!
Happy 5th birthday to my little man! May you never lose all that love in your heart and stay as sweet as you always are. ~ Love Mommy

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  1. What a nice celebration to your son. How sweet he is. I came across your blog searching information about New York. I live in a little country – Denmark – in Europe. I am a mother of 4 and pregnant with numer 5. My eldest son is 14 years old and I can only agree with your statement. Times flyes by so fast. Soon he will go to high school..

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