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Back To School with Chasing Fireflies

This year marks a huge milestone for our family in regard to “back to school”. Ryder is starts Kindergarten, and Siella starts Pre-school. Both are big-deals! All summer long, we’ve been talking about school and how exciting  these new ventures will be for them. Ryder is use to school full time and think he is going to love kindergarten. Although, I am a little concerned that he will no longer be protected in this little community of a small classroom with multiple teachers. I’m just hoping he won’t get lost in the shuffle of it all. Siella is definitely ready for school and to be around kids her own age, but my biggest concern is the separation part. She is my little shadow and I’m nervous about leaving her for the three hours. I’m sure she will adjust; but I’m bracing myself for spending the first two weeks (maybe months) in the school’s lobby.

chasing fireflies


back to school

By getting them excited for back to school, we needed to purchase some “essential” back to school items, of course. I had the kids look through the new Chasing Fireflies catalog we received in the mail and circle some of the items they wanted. Chasing Fireflies always has the best products when it comes to shopping for back to school, halloween costumes, and special occasions. Ryder already has a Madpax school bag from last year that he loves and wants to use again. And since Siella copies everything from Ryder, I thought it was key to get her one just like her brother. Chasing Fireflies had this Madpax pink confetti I thought would be perfect for Siella.



Sneakers are definitely a back to school must have. We are big converse fans in our house, and saw these Personalized Chuck Taylors and knew Ryder would flip to have his name on them! When they came in the mail he was stoked. He’s been asking to wear them everyday but I’m telling him they are his back to school kicks and he has to wait. The kids were so excited with their new and special pieces for back to school. We still have more to stock up on but this was the perfect starting point for us!

back to school

Wishing everyone a very smooth and memorable back to school season. Although, I’m sad to see summer go, I’m excited for new things to ahead. Thank you to Chasing Fireflies for making back to school shopping simply, easy, and fun!



Check out all of the amazing back to school items Chasing Fireflies offers visit www.chasing-fireflies.com


This post was a sponsored post via Chasing Fireflies. All opinions are my own. 

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2 thoughts on “Back To School with Chasing Fireflies”

  1. There is lots of excitement for your kiddos come September! Hoping you don’t have to spend that much time in the lobby, but I totally understand – I too imagine that I will be doing the same for little A! We LOVE Chasing Fireflies. Many of L’s really special dresses have been from there and they do have the best Halloween and Holiday stuff!

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