Recital Days!

Don’t know about everyone else, but I can sometimes get lost in my photo library for an hour looking at old pictures of my kiddos. They are growing so fast and as much as I look forward to the future, I miss my little babies. I was just looking (with tears in my eyes) at a series of photos from when Siella was a toddler in the tutu tots dance classes at Downtown Dance Factory. I even remember her first recital and how sweet all the kids were up on stage. It was so magical. And it still is! I realized I never wrote a post about this last year, so why not now!

Siella and Gemma have been attending Downtown Dance Factory for years and they tried it all, tap, ballet, jazz, you name it—even Ryder did a stint in hip-hop dance class. The whole dance world is pretty theatrical and fun—and between the classes, the uniforms, costumes, recitals–both of my girls are pretty in love with dance. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

  It is no surprise that when you have two kiddos who are both equally obsessed with dance and performing, chances are you’ll be attending a few recitals. The recital performances are a pretty big deal with Downtown Dance Factory. There are elaborate costumes to wear and tickets to procure…and let’s not forget rehearsals and hair-dos. It is wild.

Last year Siella was in multiple performances on different days! Gemma, too. It was a whirlwind, but they loved every second of it. And as much as I stress about our busy schedules and shuffling the kids to-and-from all rehearsals and recitals—I love watching it all come together. All the little dancers are so proud and excited. I am thrilled that they want to continue taking dance because I love being a part of this special time. It’s also pretty incredible to see how all three of my children support and cheer on one another during this special time. This year is going to be a bit different for us. Gemma will continue to have her performance with Downtown Dance Factory, while Siella will have hers with the American Ballet Theater! I cannot wait to share those special days and performances with you!

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3 thoughts on “Recital Days!”

  1. Your clicks remind me of my daughter when she was in a tutu and how I’d hunt for ballerina shoes. Kids grow up so fast. Mine are adults now and still I feel all emotional when I see their photos when they were young.

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