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Raising Strong Girls

Many people who know me now, as an adult and a mom, I think would say that I have an outgoing personality. I say what is on my mind, and I am pretty much an open book. BUT that wasn’t always the case for me.

When I was going up, I was extremely shy and quiet and never said what was on my mind. I think college was a turning point for me. I wound up getting a job at a retail shop in SoHo, and I’d like to say it was those relationships formed, along with many others along the way that shaped who I am today. Especially in times like these, I feel so blessed that I was able to surround myself and learn from these strong and powerful women. I reflect on those times, because I am now raising two young girls and want them to always say what they have on their mind and feel confident with themselves.

Miss Annette Swimwear Review | Stroller In The City

I’m all about supporting brands that supports feminism and allows us to actually put it out there. Miss Annette fashion brand offers high quality, unique, comfortable and clean designs leaving room to focus on it’s agenda. I just love her swimsuits for my girls, and this will be our second year supporting her cool designs.

Miss Annette Swimwear Review | Stroller In The City

Gemma’s says “This Princess Saves Herself”.

Miss Annette Swimwear Review | Stroller In The City

And Siella’s “This Girl Can”.

Miss Annette Swimwear Review | Stroller In The City

While these suits are super cute and perfect for summertime, it is my job as mom to have these conversations with my daughters explaining to them what these sayings mean, and try to empower them to become strong girls and that are not afraid to speak their mind and know that they can be whoever they want to be! And I couldn’t be more proud of my who my little strong girls are becoming!

You can check out all of Miss Annette’s designs both for boys and girls on her ETSY shop found here

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Miss Annette Swimwear Review | Stroller In The City

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8 thoughts on “Raising Strong Girls”

  1. I LOVE those suits! It’s the little things like a slogan on a cute swimsuit that help us reinforce in our girls just how strong they are. LOVE them!

  2. Love these! How cute are they. This is so important to me as a mom of 4 girls. I always want to make sure I am raising strong, independent girls.

  3. My girls would love these suits! Having 4 girls, I would like to say that incredible raisin them to be strong and independent. It is so important for young ladies.

  4. The suits are cute. I think you’re right though, it is important to have those conversations with our girls.

  5. It’s funny that you Hat men so much that you enforce your hatred on your children. Have fun with your man-hating, bigoted older people.

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