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Our Favorite Beach Reads

The lazy days of summer are here again and the only thing you should be doing (aside from parenting?) is lounging on the beach or by the pool and sipping a cold drink with a good book in hand. I have rounded up several good reads for this summer.

Our Favorite Beach Reads | Stroller In The City

Would love to hear what you are currently reading these days! Tell me in the comments below!

The High Tide Club // Leaving You For Me // Marriage Vacation // The High Season

Something In The Water // Female Persuasion // Room To Dream // The Perfect Couple


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Our Favorite Beach Reads | Stroller In The City



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8 thoughts on “Our Favorite Beach Reads”

  1. Summer is a great time for catching up on books that I’m too busy to finish during the school year! Right now I’m enjoying C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy.

  2. These sound like some great books. I’ve been looking for a new book. I’ll have to check these out. I’m sure the mary kay andrews one would be good. Love reading those books.

  3. Just finished The Couple Next Door, didn’t realize what it was about, but it’s done. Now I’m listening to When Life Gives You Lululemons, much more my pace for a summer read (or listen!).

  4. Thank you for featuring my book, LEAVING YOU…for me in your summer reading recommendations. I fear too many will identify with it, yet if they do…I hope it helps them find the truth, believe they matter and that there is a world of brilliance if we don’t fear beginning again…whatever our age.
    Alex Nicollet Delon

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