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Promises, Plans & Hopes for 2019!

Happy 2019 friends! I feels like yesterday that I was sitting here, writing Happy 2018, about to get into all the happened in the year past! I knows it’s cliche but time really does flies way too quickly lately. The days, months, years seem to all get mushed together, which is why I started penning these beginning of the year posts, to reflect. I get blue to see another year go, but I still like to reminisce on the recent highs and lows, notating areas that need improvement, or if we should steer the charted course. Overall, 2018 was good to us, leaving me with few wishes apart from our health and well being.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Ryder, Siella, and Gemma are now in grades five, two, and kindergarten, respectively. Ryder clicked double digits over the summer, and it was celebrated with a staycation at the Four Seasons, and a family night out a his favorite Churrascaria – Plataforma. Fifth grade is considered middle school in his school, which comes with some independence. He switches classes up to 8 times per day, with homework in different subjects. The increased work load and class changes have helped him mature in his school life. Switching to his new school last year was a major game changer, and he finally exudes confidence when talking about school. His behavior at home leaves a bit to be desired, and maybe its own blog post, so lets just leave it at that for now.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Siella had the most change this school year on a number of things. She was accepted into the American Ballet Theater school and is now practicing ballet twice a week. It’s been beyond watching her passion flourish for it. Our schedules changed dramatically trying to fit this in, so that’s been a little tough trying to make it all happen, but it has definitely been worth it. Something that I’ve been suspecting since last year, has also been confirmed is that Siella does have dyslexia as well, so reading is a bit of a challenge for her. It completely makes sense considering how creative she is when it comes to everything else. She’s getting the help she needs and we’ve all seen a major improvement since September, but that also comes with help at school, plus an addition four hours of tutoring outside of school. It’s a lot on all of our plates but something that needs to be done.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

I can’t believe that Gemma is already in kindergarten, and finally in the same school as her big sis. Selfish side note- it’s so much easier with one school pickup, and Ryder’s bus dropoff, compared to last year’s three school, no bus service juggling act. Ok, back to Gemma. My little baby graduated Pre K in May, and she’s absolutely obsessed with kindergarten, and her fab teacher Ms. Ali, who happened to have both her siblings as students over the years! She is starting to read, and actually shows a love for learning. In addition to her continued stints with gymnastics and hip hop classes, we enrolled her in soccer for the first time. She’s still getting the hang of it, but seems to dig it. With her sixth birthday approaching in March, I guess I can’t call her my baby for much longer. I love, love, love watching her grow, but it’s totally bittersweet.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Jason is still traveling a ton, but last year he was home way more than years past, which has been awesome. It’s still tough when he’s away but it’s sort of become the norm. I can handle the Monday to Friday flying solo, but those weekends when he’s gone are a killer. When he told me he would be gone in Los Angeles and South America this month, I started to panic. Fortunately, he’s sneaking home for two weekends, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

For me, things have pretty much been the same and different. I gave our apartment a little re-do, with only our bedroom left to tackle. Everything looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to share the full details of the kids room and our living room!

I never make resolutions. Instead, I draft a manifest of hopes and dreams, and with my reflection on the past and add notes on some improvements needed. This is what I’ve got so far….

Stop Saying Sorry! This one is for my friend Vanessa too. I apologize all the time, and that needs to stop. If I’m in the wrong, YES, 100% I will own up, but I’m talking about saying sorry when you did nothing to be sorry for. Like for example – if a person drops my change while handing it to me at the grocery store, I’ll say sorry as if were my fault, or if you and a person are in a crowded subway together and you are trying to get around one another, I’ll just blurt out sorry as if I’m a bad person for wanting my three small children to be near me! So no more sorry’s from me this year!

Never take anything for granted! Like never! Say your prayers daily and thank God for each and everything and everyone you have. Even on the bad days, when the world seems to be crashing down, try to realize it can be worse. Remember that your health is most paramount. Over the last year, some friends have experienced health problems, so be sure to schedule your annual check ups. If something doesn’t feel normal, don’t put it on the back burner. I’ve been famous for missing or rescheduling doctors appointments, and that stops now.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Share More and Share Less! I’m referring to social media. Sure, I share tons, but my goal is to share more of the messy in my insta-stories. I’ve made a conscious effort to not use my phone while I’m with my children before and after school, but sharing our crazy is something I’m going to work on. Like the way Gemma makes us laugh during breakfast each morning, or when Siella ransacks the drawers trying on a million different outfits before leaving for school, or when I’m practically throwing Ryder out the door to make his bus. You know the everyday life stuff. So why the share less – but also give myself breaks too from social media, especially during the weekends. I need some balance.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Continue to pray for our world! It’s mess..let’s face it. The fires last month in California were devastating. The gun shootings this year alone are just too much to hear on a daily basis. It needs to stop. The fact that I actually think about it each and every day I drop my kids off at school that I might get a phone call there was a shooting makes me sick to my stomach. Politics – it’s no secret where I stand, and although I don’t choose to make it topic I speak about everyday, I am aware of what is happening with the boarders, refugees, and continue to support the causes I believe need to be supported. I just may not announce it, but the amount of organizations I’ve donated to this year say a lot and I will continue to do so in 2019 as well!

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Try to visit at least two new countries! Yes, become more worldly! Considering how often we travel, we’ve never been to Europe as a family. We already have one trip across the pond booked for next month, but before I can check that box, I want to be boots on the ground, because you never know what can happen in a month from now!

Write more about our personal experiences! I loveeeee sharing our lives here, because the true purpose of this site is intended for my children! It’s their personal online journal that they can always have to look back on, capturing hilarious stories with adorable photos. There’s a few things I didn’t document last year like Gemma’s Pre School Gradaution, Siella’s birthday party at Jemz, her favorite place on earth, or when Ryder decided to go blonde (which btw is almost grown out, and he’s asked for another dye job). I already have a running list of topics that I missed, so you may notice a few tales pop of times past.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Take more photos daily of my outfits! I live for fashion and love putting looks together daily. You may not see them on my Instagram page, but you can see them in my shop section on the site!

Venture into something new! There’s a few things brewing that I’m excited to share over the month that will become an extension of this blog. I had a conversation with a few of my friends about this over the holidays, I’m convinced it’s time to expand this brand, so stay tuned on that.

Self Care! This goes back to my never take anything for granted. I don’t take proper care of myself, but this one I’ve started working on before the ball dropped. In December, I finally had my long overdue annual doctor visit, which only took two years, along with my OB checkup, following another two year hiatus. Now, the dentist is another whole ordeal, as I needed two root canals last month, with more work on the horizon. One temporary tooth fell out because I waited too long for a follow up. So yeah, make the time for your doctor visits friends- it’s important. With this self care revamping, I’m not trying to say that I plan to go to the gym everyday in the new year, but some workout classes are a must!

Date Nights! This unfortunately is on my list every single year. With our busy times with the kids and work trips out of town, we seldom make time for just us, alone together. Seems like when we finally do peel off time to sneak out, it’s rushed because I’m so exhausted. So I’m putting it out there that we need more date nights, and maybe a vacay for just two, since the last time that happened was 2016!

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Cherish your friendships! Whether it’s the mamas in my hood, or my friends for years old and new, I am truly grateful for my tribe. That said, I long to make more time for them even if it’s just a phone call or text to check in. Friendships are cherished, and need to occupy some time on my calendar.

Organize my photos! Yes exactly what this says. I take thousands of photos, which have accumulated haphazardly, scattered across multiple phones, hard drives and computers. If anyone has a system they love please send it my way. Need help!

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Delegate! Something I never do. Sure, I live for the motto, “if you want something done, do it yourself” but thats not always the case. I’m happy to say that I’ve hired an amazing assistant, who has been instrumental on helping me with some of my daily work agenda!

Block the shade! Yes, I felt lots of shade was thrown my way in 2018, and this year I will not let that affect me. I am hyper sensitive of my surroundings and notice every little thing. I sense things too, so I know what’s up. I may be aware of it, but I realized it has nothing to do with me. They have their own issues and insecurities, and I don’t need that garbage cast my way. From those certain people in my own industry to moms that I see on daily- BUH BYE!

Take a photography course! I finally plan to take a photography class. It’s a passion! I’ve grown more comfortable using manual camera settings, I plan on investing in a new lens or two. Suggestions welcomed!

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Be the best mom, wife, and daughter I can be and learn patience! Patience is a virtue, and over the time, I’ve seemed to have strayed from this. I can’t be so high strung by busy schedules or deadlines, because it will all get done. As of late, I’ve been actively giving some extra slack, taking a step back along with some deep breaths, urging myself to live in the moment. Let things go a bit.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

Cook even healthier! I love cooking homemade meals for my family every night (well, as often as possible!). My goal is 4 to 5 home cooked meals per week, leaving the other days to ordering out or just a quick pre-made meal from the market. I’d like to see our pizza Fridays become a little less frequent and add in another cook day to the mix.

Overcome my fear of the slopes! There, I said it. Yes, I really enjoy skiing, but I’m petrified of the speed dooming me to the busy slopes. This last weekend on the mountain, which I plan to write about soon, has taught me that I need to push myself more. I rode some trails with Siella, and she actually guided me the entire time. Thats right, my seven year old is better than me on skis, and I’ve been skiing for years. Watching her on skis, and Gemma with her snow plows, has made me realize that I need to face this fear, head on.

19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

For the blog! It was another fun year of family travel, and I even took two solo excursions to Mexico & Montana– something I haven’t done since my trip to Costa Rica. Siella, Gemma and I took a girls trip to Miami. The entire family skied a ton breaking double digits on the slopes. Fathers Day weekend was spent in Maine for the first time. And naturally, there was plenty of time spent out in the Hamptons.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, I spoke at my first conference in Turks & Caicos. I SPOKE, in front of people. Public speaking has always been hell for me, so when I received this opportunity, I knew I had my work cut out for me. As tough as it was, I am so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone. I even sat on a bunch of panel discussions this year, sharing my knowledge of social media and my journey through motherhood and this blog. I hope to do more this year!

Let’s see what else…I am slowly cultivating my youtube channel, and I’ve made some pretty fun videos over the past year. I published my first downloadable guide to the holidays this season, and plan to roll out others throughout the year. Hopefully within the next month, you’ll see a new blog design I’m trying to roll out. OK I’ll stop here because this is now a novel. Thank you all for your continued support over the decade. And again, Happy 2019!!!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and wonderful New Year, I know it’s going to be a good one!

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19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019 | Stroller In The City

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11 thoughts on “Promises, Plans & Hopes for 2019!”

  1. It’s important to make sure you stay grateful for the good things you have at all times. I had to learn that. There was a time when I had to pull myself out of the trap of focusing on the negative instead of the positive.

  2. What some great sounding hopes and dreams you have for 2019. I have to admit I am the person who is always saying sorry and I need to stop that and only say it when needed. Good luck with cooking healthier as well I am sure that is on a lot of peoples plans for 2019!

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Thanks for sharing snippets of your awesome year. This 2019, I have to really learn to say “no.” Last year made me realize that people have been taking advantage of me. I just to let them know that being a work at home mom does not mean I have lots of time to just sit around and do nothing.

  4. Your promises and hopes are really great! I hope you’ll have an amazing year! I like the promise to “Never take anything for granted!”. We should be grateful for all the things we are able to experience every day.

  5. Time really does fly way too fast for my liking. It seems like it was just summer and then BAM here we are in a new year. I hope that yours is amazing!

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