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Your Complete New Year’s Eve Lookbook

New Year’s eve is nearly here! We’re pretty excited to put together a look for the big night, but there tends to be a lot of pressure around it. The beginning of a new year brings a brand new energy and opportunity for a clean slate. In the coming year, I want to be unapologetically myself! With that comes more than just a sequin dress, but next level looks. I’m a woman who loves to accessorize and find the best ways to wear fun pieces.

While there are the classic New Year’s looks such as metallic colors, a pop of color or a tone to match a glass of champagne, dressing for the arrival of the new year is always a big yes from me. Moreover, I know there are winter weddings beginning, so if you’re a wedding guest, there are some fun shoe and accessory options here for you as a bonus beyond the ball drop! I’m sharing options for those going out to a special event and staying in to stay up until the stroke of midnight. But one thing is for sure: we’re going to end the year the right way: in fashion!

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Firstly, this is a really fun category we don’t always get to have fun with beyond the holiday season. The more sequins, the better! It’s freezing in NYC, so I’d suggest opting for fun coat to go over your NYE outfit. Sequins, silk, satin and rhinestones are all over the place, as they usually are for this fun holiday. There’s a way to dress for New Year’s Eve events and not be completely over the top. For example, if I am wearing silk or satin, I like to opt for a statement necklace or statement earrings to complete the look. Although, rhinestone or pearled mesh tops are incredibly on trend at the moment and I really think they look good styled over slip dresses! Step outside of your comfort zone and maybe make that a New Year’s resolution!

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Secondly, there are no rules for fashion here. If you’re feeling a vibrant hue, I say dress to that and honor it! Bold colors will always be a party favorite. But silver and gold are a classic NYE statement. A silver heel or metallic sequin top will always be the perfect choice for the night! I’ve seen an all white outfit done before and that’s also incredibly chic. For instance, as the year goes on and the Barbie movie continues to be a hit, the Barbiecore trend lives on. Metallic or hot pinks are great for statement pieces. A silver dress with silver accessories makes for a good time, especially in New York City!

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Price Point

Finally, the complimentary champagne toast doesn’t need to be met with a pricey outfit. A head-turning look is fun with a bigger budget, but we can absolutely do it just as well for less. My biggest suggestion here is to start with a price point to cap at. Next, pick a piece of the outfit that is the most important to you. Is it the shoes? Accessories? Dress? Whichever it is, I’d say you can spend a chunk of your budget on that and then allocate the rest of the budget to the other pieces. Moreover, I’ve found items at all price points to shop from, and I’ll share them all with you below!


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