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Preppy Summer Items Your Tweens Will Love

Does anyone else have pre-teenage girls that are on the hunt for preppy items for the summer months? It took me a minute to realize that the kids are using the term: preppy as a way to talk about cool items on trend at the moment. Never underestimate a tween girl and her ability to find the coolest items on the market these days! I’m constantly in awe getting to watch my daughters express themselves through fashion and the things they like. As a mother, it’s one of my favorite things to see them come into themselves. When it comes to summer essentials for teen girls, everything is in a variety of colors, fun and of course, up to date with the latest trends. These are the preppy summer items your tweens will love!


Firstly, keeping up with the latest styles is a full time job. With summer break nearly here for us, my girls have been on the hunt for both summer camp looks and summer looks in general. New trends that have emerged are fun prints, denim skirts, bright colors as well as pastel shades. Moreover, athleisure is everywhere and we found a romper that is perfect for all day at camp taken to after camp activities and beyond!

Comfort is always key for the new season, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for it. For instance, a baggy t-shirt is comfortable but wearing it with biker shorts or belted as a dress makes it on trend for a great summer. At the moment, we are planning on staying out east all summer, with no family vacation plans. Henceforth, the girls have a whole list of summer styles they want to sport to hang out with friends all summer long!


Secondly, accessories are key to any cute summer outfits! The girls have been into purses lately, which is so fun because those are some of my favorite accessories to shop for! The Lululemon belt bag has been a hot commodity this year and for good reason! It’s a great way to run out of the house with only the necessities and it’s adorable. No to mention the fact that it makes one of the best gifts. They have tons of colors to choose from and they are a good option for a smaller bag.

Furthermore, travel water bottles are another good idea for a summer accessory. They keep you hydrated and they are also the perfect gift! The girls have found a new brand they are obsessed with and I can’t complain because it’s the ultimate summer must-have item. You can bring it to camp, the beach, pool and beyond!


Finally, does anyone else have tweens who are obsessed with skincare? Listen, there are worse hobbies to have! My girls have taught me so many unique details about finding the perfect skincare products for my skin type. If you have any free time this summer, I highly recommend figuring out your teen’s skin type and going on a bit of a shopping spree! It can help with their confidence. More than just a great moisturizer, pimple drying lotion, lip gloss and hyaluronic acid are at the top of my girls’ list for the summer skin they can glow with!

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Firstly, crochet sets are all the rage this summer! This set is perfect for a swim coverup for for a fun dinner with the family!
Secondly, every girl loves a manicure set! Olive and June is one of our favorite nail brands and this set is perfect for a summer birthday gift.
Thirdly, my girls love Glossier! It’s the perfect brand for tweens just starting out with makeup because everything gives such a natural look. Siella has one of these lip balms in all of her bags!
Whether you are at the beach or in the backyard at your pool, speakers are necessary! I love this mini speaker, not only is it bluetooth, but it is easy to throw in any bag.
One thing we love to do as a family is roller skate in the summers. Having cool skates makes it even more fun!
Who doesn’t love to tie dye?! It’s a summer activity we do every year. The girls love to tie dye anything and everything!
Furthermore, the girls are obsessed with these dresses! We love the ruffles and they are easy to dress up or down.
My girls and I love fun prints for summer! Roller Rabbit makes some of our favorite pajamas, so when they dropped new patterns, we knew we had to snag one of theirs!
I don’t know about you, but getting fresh towels each year is so refreshing. The girls like to pick out a new go-to swim towel and this is one of our favorite choices for the season!
If you know, you know! The belt bags are the coolest thing to have lately and we love them because they hold everything we need and are cute!
The girls have been loving Nike sneakers lately. If they have a fun pop of color, that’s a plus! They are the shoe of the summer!
Moreover, tweens go through hormonal changes and that can cause pimples. This has been our saving grace, it works overnight to dry them out!
Furthermore, the girls have been obsessed with the Little Words Project bracelets! They have been creating stacks of their favorites lately.
For instance, my girls love using Bubble skincare on a daily basis. Not only is the packaging super cute, but everything works really well!
Finally, this is one of our favorite water bottles! Mark my words, it is the best one we have tried and we are obsessed with everything they make!

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