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Playing Dress Up

I remember spotting Chew Beads for the first time in my beloved Piccolini shop. I immediately had to have them as Siella was just going through her teething stage at the time. I’ll admit, I never really wore them myself, I sort of gave them to her to gnaw on at times. No longer teething now, Siella plays dress up with them. Her Chewbeads are always her go-to jewels she outs on before leaving the house.

I am beyond stoked that Chew Beans actually made a children’s collection! Called Junior Beads, natch. Juniorbeads is a 100% silicone line of kid safe jewelry. Designed especially for little girls ages three and up, and come in fun necklace and bangle styles. Juniorbeads are heat-resistant, chemical-free, safe and easy to clean…and so adorable!  Siella is loving her new jewels, including the new Junior Beads glow-in-the-dark bracelet! I can’t wait for her and Gemma start playing girly things together!


SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive samples. 

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10 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up”

  1. I have been eying these for a while – I love all of the fun colors. They look so adorable on your fashionista who looks like quite the big girl these days! xx

  2. Siella is such a cutie! I love these bright necklaces and think Milla would love them too. It’s amazing how early the girliness comes out in these little ones. Mine is always trying on my jewelry already. Where are those ballerinas from? The gold tip are so cool! x

    1. I know…and its funny because I thought she would be more of a tom boy because of her brother. Although she does tend to stuff her purse with trains 😉
      The shoes are from H&M a long time ago. They finally fit her.

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