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Summer is such a free and fun time of year. No school, an open schedule—and plenty of time outdoors. Typically in New York we are stuck inside because of frigid winter temps for what feels like forever, then the cold is followed by a rainy and unpredictable spring. By the time summer comes I am in the throes of cabin fever and basically ready to live outside.

And as any parent can tell you—when you are out and about all day with three kids you better have your bags stocked with sustenance (read: snacks).

When we are park hopping or spending the entire day at the beach, I need to make sure I pack snacks that are easy and simple to offer when I sense three hungry little kids approaching me. I am a little bit of a fanatic about healthy foods for my kids and SO many snacks are just carbohydrates or sugars that give them a boost but don’t nourish their little bodies. But I just discovered thinkKIDS™ and it is my new go-to brand for kids snack bars because they are delicious, and they are actually good for my kids.

Each bar is packed with 7g protein, 3g fiber, and use GMO free ingredients, have NO artificial flavors or colors and are gluten free!  I love snack bars that are packed with the good stuff and are also a good source of protein and fiber.

It gets harder to offer them healthy snacks as they get older because they are more interested in what tastes good as opposed to what is healthy. So, when I can find a snack with a kid-tested recipe that tastes good but is also good for them I am sold.

School may not be out yet, but thinkKIDS™ protein bars have made their way into their lunch boxes, soccer practices, dance classes, and are the perfect after school protein snack!

thinkKIDS™ protein bars are available in many flavors! Ryder’s favorite is the Chocolate Chip, while Siella and Gemma are into the Vanilla Cupcake (only available at Target Stores)! And I am fine with pretending this is a treat since I know the snack bar is protein-packed and healthy.

Be sure to check out these NEW thinkKIDS™ protein bars at!

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