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Honestly Working

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As a working mother of three, I often feel as if I am playing catch up, but every once in a while, I am graced with one of those smooth weeks, where the work seems to flow and everything is right with my world. These beginning days and weeks of June are my favorite. Summer breaks are looming, but I still have a few solid hours each day while the kids are still in school. The balmy, early summer breeze sails through the windows. You know the one—it smells like summer is coming. The temperature is just right and your senses are bursting. And is it just me but I crave flavors like lemon and pineapple during the summer months. I am excited and extremely productive, all at the same time!

While I have been enjoying the warmer weather and I am also trying to stay present and mindful. Sure, I make it sound dreamy, but I have certainly not been without some crazy days. As of late, I’ve made a conscious effort to slow things down and enjoy life. I’ve tried to shed the constant nag of angst and overwhelming deadlines, because before you know it, I will pick my head up, summer will be gone, and we’ll be back in the swing of hectic school schedules and snow days. 

When I am not working from my new office space, I set up my laptop outdoors on our common area roof top, sipping iced tea while plugging away. I have never been a soda or sugary beverage person, but sometimes I’m craving flavor to help me get into the summer mood. I’ve definitely overdosed on iced coffee, so I welcome something that tastes lighter and more soothing for the late mornings or early afternoons. Recently, I have been enjoying Honest Tea®. Their new Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea is my fav!

Honest Tea is the nation’s best selling and fastest growing organic tea company specializing in real brewed ready-to-drink bottled teas. Their children’s line, Honest Kids®, offers organic juice drinks, freshly brewed iced teas and more. We keep the fridge stocked up with Honest Kids drinks, and always the individual juice boxes at birthday parties. Lately, Jason and I have been on a real Honest Tea kick.

All of their drinks are USDA Organic and. all of the tea leaf varieties and cane sugar are Fair Trade CertifiedTM, meaning there is transparency when it comes to their supply chain. Workers are paid a fair wage and the funds from Fair Trade premiums help to improve farming, healthcare and education initiatives.

For their 20th anniversary, Honest Tea is launching a redesign of their iconic glass bottle and has expanded to more retailers like Target, Kroger, HEB and Wegmans. The Honest Tea glass-bottled flavors come in unsweetened varieties, with zero calories, or in other options of “Just A Tad Sweet®” flavors with 70 calories or less. I love the “Just A Tad” part.

The new 16 fl. oz. glass bottle features a taller and more modern look with three new flavors, Golden Turmeric Pineapple Herbal Tea (brewed with ingredients like ginger root, turmeric and lemongrass), Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea (black tea from India with maple syrup among other ingredients) and Mango Mate Black Tea (brewed with yerba mate extract among other ingredients). I am already smiling for summer.

Naturally, taste is paramount, but one of the biggest things drawing me to the Honest Tea glass-bottled tea line is that it’s part of the partnership with 1% For The Planet, in which 1% of the annual sales are donated to environmental-focused organizations. Check out the Source Map available on the Honest Tea website to learn more about the ingredients they source around the world. I am always thrilled to work with brands that give back and make responsible environmental choices. It is so important to me that I give my family only the healthiest foods, and this extends to what we drink, as well. Happy 20th Anniversary Honest Tea! Cheers to summer!

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17 thoughts on “Honestly Working”

  1. I had no idea they’d been around for 20 years! That’s really great for them. Their juice line is wonderful. And by the way, I’m totally jealous of your rooftop space–sounds amazing!

  2. Oh honest tea sounds amazing. It’s my favourite drink so I’d love to try these. The lemon grove maple looks and sounds incredible!

  3. I love Honest Tea! I haven’t tried the new Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea, but I just wrote it down for this week’s shopping list. It sounds super delish!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc

    That bottle of Honest Tea looks really refreshing! I tried them before and yes, they are good! I will have to add them again to my grocery list. I wish I had more spare time to really browse from aisle to aisle at the grocery store. I am missing so many good stuff!

  5. I have totally been trying to be more mindful about what goes into my body. This looks like something I would love to give a try!

  6. Honest Tea is the drink for summer! My kids love it and my husband drinks it like water. I can’t believe they have been around that long, and I am asking myself why is it just recently that I discovered it?

  7. I’m always up for supporting companies that give back and this definitely is one new brand that I’d love to check out. Looks like they have a lot to offer! It’s perfect for the summer season as well.

  8. I love that Honest T went organic that is good to know! I also love your supermom sticker on your laptop cute!

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