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It’s a little shocking that we are in full gear holiday mode, and 2015 is already coming to a close. As Jason and I were decorating the house with the kids last weekend, I kept saying that it felt strange , because didn’t we just take the tree down from last Christmas. With lots to do over the next few weeks, I taken a bite out of Christmas shopping and Christmas cards, which is out of character for me this early in the season. We have a bunch of family and friends on our list this year and I want to make sure, I don’t miss a beat. 
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Two of my close friends had their first babies this year, it’s changed our dynamic as friends, and their relationships with my kids, in the most positive way. Ryder, Siella, and Gemma are the first and only grandchildren on both sides of our families, so our close friends children have become like their cousins, and it’s important that my children have friends that are like family to them. Growing up my cousins lived far from us, but we grew up with friends who I can now call family, and some of my most cherished memories and milestones were spent with them.

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My friend Julie’s daughter Emilia is 10 months old and she will be experiencing her first Christmas this year, so Siella has been asking what to get for her. On a daily basis she sets aside toys, which she no longer uses, to give it her new little friend. This holiday season, I’m super excited to shop for our friends’ new additions, and the first thing that came to mind were I See Me Books. I remember our very first I See Me Book we bought when Siella was a newborn. My children love to read stories, and especially that their books can be customized just for them. Year after year, I add another book to our collection for different occasions like birthdays, start of school, and of course, the holidays.

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The newest addition to our library is I See Me’s personalized “The Manz’ 12 Days of Christmas“. It’s based on the classic Christmas tune “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and the kids were thrilled to find their names, and our dogs’ names included in the text and artwork. I added our family’s last name in the title, a photo of all of us, and a personalized dedication. I know this book will become a holiday keepsake that the kids will look forward to reading each year, and I am excited to gift our friends the same one. My two other favorite I See Me holiday books, perfect for this time of year are My Night Before Christmas, and My Magical Snowman.


I See Me Books have been a wonderful gift to my children. The stories keep them engaged and continue to spark their love of reading. Today, I’m so excited to offer to my SITC readers a 20% discount on all I See Me books, until December 16th. Use code STROLLER at check out. Happy Holidays friends!

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