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From Christmas Past

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With Thanksgiving having come to a close, the holiday season is officially upon us. Each year, it seems as if we start celebrating earlier and earlier, we have already had our tree up for 3 days. The kids were overjoyed decorating the house, and sorting through ornament boxes, filled with keepsakes bearing their names. They really get a kick out of the ornaments that pre-date them, because they can’t wrap their heads around our family life without them. I’ve realized that these precious collectables from our many years as a family is something my mother did, when we were kids, and I look forward to passing down these traditions and heirlooms to my kids when they have children of their own.

Little Me Christmas Pajamas Little Me Christmas PajamasLittle Me Christmas Pajamas

Another childhood memory that I have were the many pairs of Christmas pajamas from over the years. My mom always had matching sets for my siblings and I, and it’s something I try to recreate for my children. While searching for cute options last month, I came across these sweet Little Me plaid jammies, that I am certain my sister and I had a very similar pair. In fact, to prove it, I’ve tasked my mom to dig through old photos to find some with the same one. These Little Me Plaid Pajamas are definitely what my girls will be wearing when they open presents on Christmas morning.

Little Me Christmas Pajamas Little Me Christmas Pajamas

Little Me offers clothing for young ones in those fleeting years when newborns transform into young toddlers, like my girls. They never use tweed, leather or any other “grown-up” material; in fact, they only use fabrics like soft cotton, terrycloth and velour. This style is reminiscent of my childhood, and I hope that when my children are older, they can look back at photos, with fond memories about decorating their mini tree and big tree, along with other holiday recollections from this season.

Little Me Christmas Pajamas Little Me Christmas Pajamas Little Me Christmas Pajamas

Boy and girls pajamas come in two piece sets, while the girls also have an option for a nightgown cut. I can’t get enough of the sweet detailing of the red bows, and white eyelet trimming.  Not to mention, the warmth of the thick flannel is comfortable and perfect for cold weather, which finally seemed to arrive today.

Little Me Christmas PajamasLittle Me Christmas Pajamas

The girls love their jammies so much, I’m temped to pick up the nightgown style, so they will have a different, brand new pair for Christmas morning. Let’s see if that photo that my mom is digging around for surfaces, because it would be fun to share with all of you.

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