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The Perfect Present || & $200 Target Giftcard

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Living in a small apartment, I am struggling this Christmas to find the perfect presents for the kids, since their playroom space is already overrun with toys. Last weekend, we packed five bags for donation, and the toy bin are still packed. The kids have their Christmas lists all written out, or should I say cut out, pasted and taped, in Siella’s case, and I am strategizing the best way to play Santa, making their experience magical yet logistically logical. With toy commercials and holiday circulars, its seems that the kids want everything they lay their eyes on. For me, I am all about quality over quantity, and prefer that my kids have a couple of quality toys, that will withstand the rough play over time, rather than 15 little toys, that will fall apart after limited use.

IMG_6171 2 IMG_6206

But the other half of me wants the children to wake up to a living room full of magic, bustling with gift wrap boxes. My goal this year is to get year child one big gift, and then layout a few smaller toys around them. They don’t need much, and I really want to focus on the toys at the top of their lists, because these are the things they will continue to use throughout the year, rather than others they will lose interest in, after a few weeks.


This past Saturday, we hit up our local Target with the kids so we could gauge their interests. Ryder quickly made his way into the Star Wars section, while Siella went straight for the dolls, and Gemma, believe it or not, walked over to the bikes. At that moment, I knew my big toy options. These toys will be our center piece of each kid’s group of toys, and the big ones will remain under the tree unwrapped for that “wow” factor.


Next, I took notes on some of the smaller toys they migrated to inside the Target toy section. I gathered a mix of educational toys, and wooden toys, which are one of their favorites. And, for stocking stuffers, I will sneak in some of the necessities like character tooth brushes, chap sticks, slippers, and of course books!

Here are some of the kids picks:

target toys

The “WOW” gifts : Kidkraft Soho Townhouse // Razor Junior Scooter // Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

The “in the middle” toys: Badger Pink Stroller // Disney Princess Cinderella Baby // Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Legos

The Stocking Stuffers: Bear Book // LeapFrog Learning Toy  // Kidkraft Wooden Block Set 

So, I took notes, then came home, and ordered everything online.  Deliveries in brown boxes are easier to hide from the kids before Christmas. As the kids get older, and the toys get larger, we hide some gifts at our neighbors, who are super friendly and kind. I am so looking forward to Christmas morning and cannot wait to still their reactions.

To kick off the month of December, I am giving away a $200 TARGET gift card to one lucky winner! Happy Holidays!

Target $200 GIFTCARD


Thank you Target for sponsoring this post and granting a little holiday magic to one of my readers! 

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105 thoughts on “The Perfect Present || & $200 Target Giftcard”

  1. well it won’t be wow to everyone, but among other things, My 8-year old is getting a new pink 2DS and I think that’s the one she is going to be the most excited about 🙂

  2. My son has become quite the cook, and this year I am all about buying him his own utensils and appliances! Would love to buy him some great pots and pans!

  3. I’m planning on getting a large dinosaur lego set for my youngest boy who is into them and a scooter for my 6 year old. As far as the rest of my kids I still haven’t completely figured them out as of yet. 🙂

  4. For my 10 year old we are still trying to decide between a desk and a karaoke machine. She wants both and fur the Lithgow guy a bead maze

  5. While we wait on a positive pregnancy test, we tend to spoil our nephew. So this year we got him Thomas the Train everything- a tent, ride on toy, play table, book, DVD, and wooden Thomas train set. He’ll be thrilled:)

  6. The kids surprisingly haven’t asked for much. Like 1 gift each! They both love Legos and I think that they are a great gift to give and use over the years. And we LOVE Target! Great giveaway!

  7. We aren’t actually doing any gifts this year, but focusing on being together as the kids don’t see daddy for 3 weeks each month, he has previously brought them some gifts from his trips and we feel it’s enough.

  8. My daughter turned 40 this year so she is not really a child, but still my child nonetheless…I will send her a gift certificate for a honey baked ham (really more for the son in law) and cash to get something she wants

  9. Not much of a WOW thing. But the biggest thing I got is a scooter for my almost 3 year old! He turns 3 on the 28th, so that will be his birthday present most likely.

  10. The Chuggington Stack Track, my oldest son has been asking for it for months now. I cannot wait to see his face when he opens it up.

  11. The WOW gifts this year happens to be books. Hard cover books. My kids are over stimulated with electronics and really need to calm down. I just didn’t realize books are so expensive now that e-books are all the rage.

  12. We are getting our oldest daughter an Iphone 6. Thankfully it’s time to upgrade so it won’t cost us anything. Thank you!!

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