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Strollers Of New York

Over the summer, I was invited to be part of a video collaboration with the Italian company, Inglesina. Each short film focuses on four moms and their children, in different neighborhoods around New York City, showcasing the ways in which family is culturally stimulated by their NYC neighborhood. The cameras shawdowed us for an entire day, filming different products from the Inglesina line, and how we utilize them throughout our day. Prior to getting involved in the project, I had purchased an Inglesina high chair, which was well suited for all of our summer travel. Having first hand knowledge and experience with the quality of their products, I was excited to be a part of the production.

Being fortunate to raise my children in NYC has probably one of the most fulfilling experiences as a parent. I am pretty much living in a dream everyday. When I was a child, I always wanted to live in the city, and often visited, but visiting and living here are very different.. I am constantly looking back comparing my childhood to some of the experiences that my kids have already been exposed to, and mine pales in comparison to theirs. I can’t help but live vicariously through them, and do whatever I can to provide the most memorable childhood possible. New York has really laid the groundwork for that, especially my community of Battery Park.

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When watching the video, its wild to see how young both Siella and Gemma look. I think the summer afternoon we shot captured bits of our daily life, especially our outdoor romps at our most fav playground. The story highlights life as a mom, my routines with the kids in the house, our go to spots in the ‘hood, and of course, my love affair with New York. Unfortunately, Ryder was not in the video because he had a big field trip at camp that day and didn’t want to miss it.

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I was so honored to have done this project with such amazing moms that include: Nicole from Lillies n Leon, Marissa from Lady and Prince, and Belle from Petite Biet.



Have a look, and take a journey into the everyday lives of mothers who raise their children in the heart of one of the greatest cities of the world.

Thank you Inglesina for sponsoring this post. 

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