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The Giving Beads

I’ve shared this project I’ve been working on last month on my Instagram account, but I thought it needed its own space here as well. I’ve joined The Giving Beads Project initiative to bring greater awareness to important charities all over the world.

The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City

This project was created by Lori Gilman, the owner and designer of Laurel & Bleau Jewelry.  Together with 15 other momtrepreneurs influencers, we each created a unique beaded bracelet, and chose a charity of our choice in which to donate the proceeds to. The concept is simple, a purchase of a bracelet will help CHANGE THE WORLD  — one bracelet at a time.

The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City

When Laurel came to me with the concept, it was a no brainer combining my passion for fashion and my beliefs of giving back, I was honored she chose me to be part of it. And hope to do more of these kind of collabs in the future!

The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City

I chose to design this bracelet in 8mm faceted Hoplite beads with a textured nugget designed by Laurel & Bleau then hand engraved with the word LOVE in oxidized black. My foundation of choice and one close to my heart is Every Mother Counts.

The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City

Every Mother Counts gives all moms and mothers to be access to the maternal health care that they need. I had an extremely difficult birth with Siella and I had the proper care, so I couldn’t imagine all these women who don’t have access to something like and wind up losing their babies. I’ve been supporting Every Mother Counts for years and I’m honored that I get to raise awareness through Laurel and Bleau.

The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City

Over the years Laurel and Bleau has donated over $75,000 to numerous charities. I encourage you to check out the entire Giving Beads collection because they are all just so beautiful! Please join me in purchasing for a cause and let’s change the world together!


The Giving Beads | Stroller In The City


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  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I am happy you shared this with us. It is such an nice way to give back and have that pretty bracelet as a reminder to spread love and kindness every day.

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