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Our Top Summer Nail Trends to Try Out

There are not many things we can control in life, but one guaranteed thing we can have control over is our nails! Personally, I like to live the fun nail life, so I am constantly stepping out of my comfort zone and going for bright colors, pastel shades, summer nail colors on french tips and a modern twist on floral designs. Summer nails are usually bold colors or different shades that represent warmer weather, like oranges and yellows. Summer nail trends are arguably the most fun out of the whole year because they are bright and an easy way to show off your personality! I feel like it’s easier to get away with bright shades in the warmer months because of happenings like summer fridays, constant trips to the beach and an overall sense of relaxation. Save these nail trends for the next time you’re headed to the nail salon!

Pink Neon

Firstly, let’s start out with neon! Summer vibes are in full effect with neon nails. I’ve actually seen a bunch of press-on options lately with the popular trend, so if you don’t want to fully commit to new colors, try those and they can be easily removed! If you’re going to dip your toe in, I’d say go all the way because you really can’t go wrong with the biggest nail trend of the summer. Neon color comes in many shades and the overall look is the perfect way to give your outfits a pop of color.

Neon French Tip

​Secondly, on the neon trend, french tips have been all the rage this past year. I think they are a classic design and am personally a fan! Summer vacation is all about enjoying yourself, so try out a neon color instead of the traditional white! You can even ask for geometric patterns if you want more of a pop on your nails.

Glazed Citrus

This is a new one for me and I have to say I’m not sure if I’ve ever had yellow nails before. But it’s one of the new trends and a better way to rock a yellow or even green nail polish. Essentially, it’s like the Hailey Bieber glazed nails, but using a bright yellow, green or even orange underneath. Any color that a citrus fruit would be! The glaze mutes it a little and acts like the milky nail trend, but less opaque.

Sheer Orange

Another color to step out of your comfort zone with is orange! If you don’t feel like going for the neon look and maybe want a more clean girl energy for this trend, try a sheer orange. This could either be a pastel orange or one coat of a traditional orange to give a slight hint of color. Like a lipgloss for your nails! Short square nails would look really great with this!

Pale Pink

For a fresh mani for those of you who may have formal occasions to attend this summer, I’d recommend a pale pink. A lot of people swear by the one coat of funny bunny, two coats of bubble bath all from OPI for the perfect pale pink. It is pretty perfect, if I must say! And a great option for those of you who may be getting engaged with summer!


Pastels are fun colors that are muted enough to be worn into the fall and of course, begin in the spring. They are so feminine and pretty and tones that tend to be fairly versatile. A pale pink, lavender or a pale sage green are all stunning for the summer months.

Your Nails But Better

If you haven’t heard of this nail trend yet, it’s a tone that is close to your natural nail color. The cool thing about this is that it gives off an incredibly squeaky clean look and is polished. This is the most professional nail trend of the summer if you have certain work rules or special occasions coming up.


I recently found out about this look and I don’t entirely understand it, but it is very fun! The best way I can explain it is that it looks like your nails are blushing. Which is kinda cute! Go for a pale pink as a base and the middle color will be magenta-red blended out so that it fades into the pink. It’s a subtle trend.


And speaking of subtle, this one is nothing of the sort! If you want something super fun for the summer, I always say holographic is out of this world! You can make any color work for this and it sparkles and shines like you’ve never seen. Anything sparkly is right up my alley!


Another newer trend to me is the jelly trend. This is another one that is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like strawberry jelly! It’s a translucent watermelon pink color that is basically one coat so you can still very much see your nail underneath. The almost-naked nail look is very on trend and I think it’s something we will see into the fall and winter.

Barbie Pink

With the Barbie movie coming out, a Barbie pink is perfect for this summer! I love all things pink anyway, so I truly think this is a summer staple color. It’s the perfect pop of pink for all those white dresses you’ll be wearing and it makes a tan look stunning!

Floral Designs

Finally, I have to include some sort of floral or vintage-inspired nail design in this list! LoveShackFancy did a collaboration with Impress Nails recently to create the most adorable and dainty press-ons I’ve ever seen. They feature an ombré look with lavender and pink, which is my dream combination! The nails are finished off with botanical designs to create fun for your hands!

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  1. Tammie McIntire

    I’ve been wanting to try press on nails ever since my daughter emptied my nail polish all over my carpet. My carpet cleaners got the stain out quicker than my nail tech can do acrylics. Do you find yourself always missing a nail or are they pretty durable?

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