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Autumn Nail Trends We’re Excited To Try

Fall nail trends are all over the place and I’ve spent some time breaking down the top styles for the fall season. The best part about getting your nails done is that it’s a form of self expression. There are no such things as mistakes for a fall manicure, anything you do will be cool! Bright colors are going out of style for the season a bit as fall colors and darker shades enter the chat. Some of the best fall nail ideas are actually patterns and shades that I’ve either never seen or haven’t seen in awhile. The autumn season brings change in weather and with that comes stepping out of our comfort zones this time of year in a great way- with a new design on your nail bed. Choose your favorite nail shape and pick a brand new nail look for the new season!

Frosted Metallic

Let’s start with a really fun design! We all know what metallic is- these can come in so many different shades. It’s much more than silver or gold, it can be pink or white, etc. The finish is what makes it metallic and shiny. This time, what makes it frosted is the overcoat that is what I can only describe to be a shiny, sparkly, milky top coat that comes in chrome powder form. It gets rubbed onto the nail to be a step before deep chrome, it’s a light frost.

Lincoln Park After Dark

This is an iconic shade that rocks its way throughout every autumn and winter season. It’s made by OPI and is a very dark purpley red shade. You can find both glossy and matte options for this and it’s the perfect way to enter the fall.

Nearly Naked

Nearly naked is basically as if your nails are naked. There is color there, though! It’s just different for everyone because it will be a shade that looks as if it’s your nail bed color already. The point of this trend is to add gloss and an even color to your nails while giving off that clean girl energy.

Duo French

I can’t believe I have never seen this before! It’s two layers of french, but different colors. For instance, let’s say we choose a pumpkin spice latte shade of orange. The inner crescent shade will be lighter and the outer will be darker. The nail tech will dip your nail into the light shade and then it will be almost a double dip of half the size into a darker shade of the same color. Layering is on trend!


I feel unsure about this one because it really depends on the shade of grey. Every shade of this color is in for the season but lighter feel very summery to me, so I suggest going for a darker shade. I will say, it feels on trend for the cooler months because it is a cool toned color, so I can see why it’s the perfect choice for the new season.


Can you believe the technology for nails these days? We have products and tools that can make our nails look like they are made of velvet! They certainly don’t feel like it but I’m telling you, from afar it looks real. This is perfect for upcoming holidays and to add some texture to your hands.

Deep Emerald

Emerald city! This is a fun option because it’s a pop of color and a bold color at that. At the same time, the darker shade of green feels very on trend for the season of fall. Leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp. This feels like a nice, fresh choice!

Vintage Florals

Here we have a design that has my name all over it! We all know I’m a huge fan of vintage florals and this is a fun way to get prints on your nails. Intricate designs will have any celebrity nail artist keep you in the chair for awhile, hard at work. But it’s always worth it! Choose an inspo picture of vintage flowers or abstract flowers and have your nail tech replicate it for the upcoming fall!

Hot Chocolate

Yes, this is exactly how it sounds! Browns are in style for the season! You can simply go for a shade of brown and keep it nice and easy for the clean girl energy we were discussing earlier. Another option is to add swirl designs on top to make it look like a warm cup of coa-coa!

Autumn Orange

Autumn colors definitely include orange! The leaves turn orange and we all know it’s a specific shade. This is not a bright orange or neon, it’s a muted, dark orange that is beyond stunning. Currently, cute fall nails have color trends that look like the changing foliage.

Negative Space

Here is an interesting concept! Negative space is focusing on the portions of the nail that don’t get the most attention- the outer corners. Choose a color and have your base coat be a light shade of it. The outer four corners can have a darker shade of that same color in abstract shapes or a cool drip design. It’s futuristic!


I think this can be a few different things and they are all in style! Firstly, a nice, fresh pearly white. It’s a solid color and it’s neutral while still being fun. Another option is to add little pearls or beads to a pearly base coat. It adds texture and is as if you have rhinestones, just another stone!

Double Dipped French

This refers to the finish of the nails! It’s actually really cool, especially with a grey, might I add! Have your base coat be a matte shade and then the french tip portion will be the same shade but in a glossy finish. The range in texture is really cool!


There’s not much to say here, gold speaks for itself! Turn it into a french manicure or accents if you’d like but a solid gold is always a fun new option. Save this for New Years!

Candy Apple Red

Finally, we have the most iconic shade of red. This is by OPI and it truly is the perfect red out there. It’s a nice, solid color to have on your nails and we all know the red nail theory, girls! But seriously, this color is always in style and perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

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