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Our Top 11 Clogs for Fall

One of my favorite things to shop for is shoes! I can’t be the only one who loves a good pair of clogs? Not only are they great shoes, but they’re ideal for both everyday wear and have opportunities to be dressed up with a skirt or dress. For the most part, they are at a fair price point and are overall comfortable clogs with a slip-on design for a great grab and go shoe choice. They feature a block heel, so I find them to be comfortable shoes that I can make easy runs for errands in the city in. With so many different shapes and sizes, you’ll love the modern twist on our top 11 clogs to look out for this upcoming fall season.

Brianne sporting cute look of yellow dress, country hat, and brown clogs


Firstly, these classic wooden styles are the some of the best pairs of shoes for fall and spring, in my opinion. While they’re not high fashion, they are great for casual looks and the perfect compliment to a lot of different style options. New Yorkers love a new look when it comes to shoes and accessories and clogs are no exception. Most clog options come in the perfect fall shades! They feature neutral tones, browns, beiges, creams and burgundy. While I love a good pop of color for shoes, sometimes it’s nice ot have a neutral pair of shoes that go with everything and are easy to style here in New York City.

Best clogs for fall in a orange suede with a platform heel


Secondly, comfort comes in different forms. Sometimes it just means the shoes are the perfect fit, it can include a back strap for support or a soft footbed for built-in arch support or comfort for long hours in the shoes. I pulled 10 pairs of the most comfortable clog that are also some of the latest styles of the slip on shoe. Not only do they have a comfortable footbed, but they are a chunky pair of heels practically, so you can walk all over the city in them. The Birkenstock Boston clogs are a great casual option because they have a footbed that molds to your own feet, so they give great arch support and are easy to style. I have my eye on a pink pair for school pick up!

Brianne wearing the best clogs for fall in NYC in a brown suede, paired with a yellow dress and brown accessories

Affordable Options

Finally, I like this style of shoe because they don’t break the bank. Most of the time! Of course, every style of shoe has options that are more elevated or created with more expensive materials so they turn out to be pricier. There are options for my favorite fall shoe that are on the more affordable end with easier access now more than ever! With a plethora of options and sizes online, set your budget for the best shoes and take your pick! Matisse is a company that has some of the more affordable options priced under $70. They are great for a casual outfit and feature some of my favorite styles of clogs made within the last year.

Brianne on a fall vacation wearing brown leather clogs and pastel outfit

You’ll have to let me know which pair of clogs from below you have your eye on!

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Firstly, these are Marc Jacobs so they are on the pricier end! If you have fun events coming up, I couldn’t resist this pair to dress up.
Secondly, if you know anythng about Rachel, it’s the fact that she makes some of the best clogs! I always like to snag one of her styles each year.
Thirdly, these are more of a classic style. I’d refer to these as a casual, everyday option that is versatile.
I’m a major Larroude fan! These are the best shade for fall and the chunky platform heel is right up my alley!
How could I not include a pair of Birkenstocks? They’re all the rage these days and they should be because they are incredibly comfortabl! I love this pink shade!
This is a great option for anyone that wants a little height yet support! The backstrap is helpful for walking and they come in great shades for fall.
Moreover, Jeffrey Campbell is known for having some really cool shoes. These are a Gucci dupe and comfortable yet affordable. At $60 they are one of the cheaper options.
How comfy do these look? They’re like a bubble shoe and a wearable cream for fall, making them a great transitional piece.
Furthermore, these are way far out there but I wanted to include them as a cozy option! I think they’re a great shoe for winter and chillier fall days.
Another great option for cold days, especially the winter, are these! They are shearling lined and neutral for every look.
Finally, at $60, you can’t beat this price for a fun pair of shoes! I love this sparkly pink shade and think they are a great accessory to any look.

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