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vlog 3: New York City Summer

I cannot believe this is the last weekend of summer. I’m sure we’ll try to squeeze in one more beach day even after the kids go back to school, but we are definitely saying goodbye to another great two months of warm weather, sandy toes, and late bedtimes. There were three things on our bucket list this summer, and I’m happy to say we checked off all of them. And captured on VLOG #3!

Just this year, New York Waterway’s introduced a new ferry from Wall Street to Rockaway Beach! The ride alone was worth every minute. This hour ferry rides passes the Statue Of Liberty, Governors Island, rides under the Verrazano Bridge, passes Coney Island and the Marine Parkway Bridge! Be sure to snag a seat on the top deck to take it all in!

Governor’s Island! The kids always beg for a trip here every summer and it’s amazing to see the wonderful things they have done to this island over the last two years! New this summer was Oyster Bar! And for the first time the island will be open in the fall for Halloween activities!

Coney Island! They still may be too small to ride the cyclone, but always a fun time!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Here is our VLOG 3! Be sure to subscribe to SITC Youtube Channel here!

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17 thoughts on “vlog 3: New York City Summer”

  1. I love New York City in the summer. We always make it a point to get out to NYC during the summer. The beaches are great, and we love to spend the day just roaming around the fairs and everything else.

  2. Looks like you enjoyed a good ole NYC summer for sure. I didn’t do as much as I had hoped but it was a decent summer, given that it rained most of the season.

  3. I make sure the my kids make the most our of their summer because that’s their only long break before the school starts. It looks like you did the same, they’re having so much fun in the video! It’s really awesome to spend the summer allowing them to enjoy everything.

  4. Summer in New York means fun and fashion. You can represent how much fashionable you are during summer. Besides there are many ammusment and water parks in the give you the best hot summer day fun in your life. Your kids are having great fun either.

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