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October Books For Kids

School is back in session (kinda), fall is officially here, and Halloween is coming! I have no idea what this school year will be like or look like. But I know books help!  As always this months roundup has great lesson learning stories to get all our littles thinking about being their best selves. I’ve also of course included some of our favorite Fall/Halloween stories. We will all be celebrating the spooky a holiday differently his year but through stories ours imagination can run free!

Luke & Lottie are so excited to celebrate the fall. They make halloween treats with their mom and carve pumpkins with their dad. Its going to be a great holiday.
This book is seriously full of fun loving monsters. There are tall, small, smelly, funny monsters and more!
A sweet collection of short stories about a forrest bird named DInky. Follow along all his different adventures helping those who visit the forrest.
This newest edition to an amazing yoga series! Children will follow along 10 well know yoga poses to star their days!
When a wish turned world peace to world pizza, everything gets tastier! This funny and warm book is a must in every little ones library.
Salam Alaikum means “Peace be upon you”. It is a friendly muslim greeting that is used for both hello and goodbye! This lyrical books teaches the message of peace.
Im sure at some point in parenthood, your child has uttered “I’m bored.”. Well this book will be a helpful guide to reminding our children boredum is a choice.
Germs vs Soap will perfectly help children understand hand cleaning hygiene. Which is very important during this germy year.
Join Petey for his PT appointment. This is a great story about facing challenges and finding strength to ultimately achieve our biggest dreams.
Pinkalicious is a household favorite! Well Pinkalicious was heading out for pink or treat, but the mayor has cancelled halloween because of a bad storm. How will she celebrate now?
Leif is a very worried Leaf. Leif is afraid of the changing season. Will Leif fall with the other leaves? With a little determination and some help from a friend, he may have found another way down.
This great book is full a fun fall facts! Fall comes with the changing colors, birds flying south, crops being harvested, and more! So much to learn from our changing seasons.
This is a great funny book for all families! Find out why the old lady swallowed some leaves and so much more!
From prima ballerina Misty Copeland Bunheads for the little ballerina in your life. Follow a young misty as she works towards her biggest dreams.
A fun seasonal activity book always make for a great gift for the littles in your life.

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22 thoughts on “October Books For Kids”

  1. My son love book. He can stay and read for 4-5 hours. I’m so so lucky. I will order a couple from your list, the Halloween edition will be a good treat, and maybe the Pizza one. Sounds funny to me.

  2. These are great book recommendations! It’s also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! I would love to read this in front of the kids.

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Thats quite a great recommendation. Well we dont have Halloween season specifically in India but the festive season out here. My son can spend his vacay time reading them.

  4. It seems like it’s gonna be a different Halloween experience this year because of the pandemic but I agree with you, that shouldn’t limit our imaginations to run free. Nice selection of books here. I’m sure parents would definitely find this list super helpful. 🙂

  5. Cute choices. #2 reminds me of my oldest son’s favorite: The Monster at the End of This Book. He is now 27 years old! And I would love to read that book as well as your choices to my grandchildren.

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