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Adventures In Los Cabos, Mexico

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Last year, we escaped New York City for sunny Los Cabos, Mexico! While in the planning stages, I was kind of shocked that it was my first trip to Los Cabos, and then the entire time down there, I kept kicking myself for not having made this beach getaway a top priority. Maybe I can blame it on the fact that nonstop flights from NYC to Los Cabo were not an option in years past, but fortunately direct flights are a regular routing now, and I can honestly say I cannot wait to go back already! 

Family photo in Los Cabos for vacation

Stunning Views

As one of the most picturesque landscapes of Mexico, a Los Cabos getaway is something you’ll never forget. Although many people may think of just Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos is indeed the region in which you’ll find Cabo San Lucas along with San Jose del Cabo, with 18 miles of pristine shoreline between them. San Jose is a mecca for wildlife like birds, gray whales, and sea turtles, epic surf spots and an eclectic art district. Clearly something for everyone!

The rocky beach of Los Cabos with bright blue sea water
Sea dock in Los Cabos, Mexico with several boats

The Water

First, let’s talk about Los Cabos in general. Located on the Sea of Cortez, the area of the ocean that has captivated mariners and water lovers for years. It’s teaming with ocean life, so much so that it’s often been called The Aquarium of the world. One of our tour guides claimed that the Sea of Cortez  is home to 39% of the world’s marine mammals and over 800 species! Considering how large our planet is, that’s a pretty impressive stat!

Family exploring colorful marketplace in CaboKids lounging poolside at Cabos hotel


Once a small fishing village, this area has become one of the most popular getaway destinations in all of Mexico.  It features a world-class marina and the biggest fishing tournament in the world. If you’re not into hooks and bait, you’ll also find ziplining, the best farm to table restaurants, golf courses, an electric nightlife, and so much more. A favorite attraction for visitors is The Arch, an iconic rock formation best viewed on boat, canoe or paddle board; situated exactly where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.Kids posing in front of #Cabo sign of beach

Five Star Resort

Los Cabos is also known for its luxurious destinations with laid-back, tropical vibes. It’s a celebrity hot spot that offers a wide variety of hotels, condos, and villas to call home while you take advantage of the music and art, world-class dining, water sports, and more. It’s the perfect combination of five-star luxury and wild adventure, and it’s exactly what my family and I wanted.Colorful accessories at marketplace in Los Cabos, Mexico Daughter horseback riding on beach in CaboKids enjoying sunny beach day

The Resort

Our five-day trip began with our quick 25 minute cab from the airport, and arrival at the all inclusive Garza Blanca Resort and Spa Los Cabos. Arguably one of the most exclusive resorts in Mexico, the property and spa makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Our family had a two bedroom suite, complete to two balconies, stunning views of the grounds and ocean, outdoor hammocks. It paled in comparison to its online photos, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it was larger than our NYC apartment. Gemma asked it we could move there!

Sunset view of ocean from Cabo hotel room View of pools and ocean from Cabo hotel Sushi Dinner in CaboKids lounging in hotel lobby in Cabo Infinity pool at hotel in Cabo

Paddle Boarding

Day one was all about settling in and relaxing, but day two we hit the ground running. Following a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we headed into to town to Playa La Empacadora for a paddle board session out to The Arch, hosted by High Tide Los Cabos. Bum luck had the wind and tides working against us, so we couldn’t quite make it out to the Arch, but it was an awesome day on the water nonetheless. I mean, Ryder had a sea lion swim next to him most of the time. What a site!

Family on sunny beach on vacation in Cabo, Mexico

The Spa

After our adventurous morning, we returned to the hotel for a delicious lunch, poolside. I also headed to Garza Blanca’s spa to check out the amazing hydrotherapy experience. It was only an hour away from the fam, but it was the most relaxing hour for me! A nice balance of adventure and luxury all in one afternoon!

Hot tub at hotel spa


Whenever we travel, we try to dig deep for the hidden gems and local flare. Dinner that evening was El Huerto restaurant that specializes in farm-to-table cuisine. I have to say the property of this restaurant was not only breathtaking, but the food just blew us away. Inspired by the seasonal harvests of their Cabo and Santiago organic farms, the chef creates and constantly updates the menu to the rhythm of what their baja climate, ocean catch and in season produce are.

Tropical cocktails at El Huerto Pizza and clams at El Hueto family dinner in Cabo

Day 3

Day three started with Ryder and Jason taking a power bike ride, directly on the sand. Initially, Jason thought it would be easy to handle with the bike’s fat tires, but based on how he and Ryder were struggling, it was no wonder he skipped the gym that day! From there, we headed to Cabo Adventures in Marina Cabo San Lucas for a whale watching experience. Having spent plenty on time on boats growing up, I prepped the kids that we weren’t guaranteed to see anything since we can’t predict their route.

Let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more off base! We spotted two female humpback whales, along with schools of dolphins, and saw our sea lion friends from the marina. Our guides managed to stay on course with the whales for over 30 minutes, so we had plenty of opportunities to witness them blow water and dive deep into the sea!

Family selfie on boat tour of Cabos Glimpse of whale in ocean

Horseback Riding

After visiting some of our marine buddies, it was back for another fab lunch at the Garza Blanca. Post grub, Ryder and Jason lounged by the pool, while the girls and I headed to San Jose del Cabo Estuary for some horseback riding with Bonanza Horseback Riding. Having spent a few weeks at horse camp last summer, this was totally Gemma’s jam. She totally showed up Siella and I, trotting along the beach and estuary. What a magical experience!

Kids horseback riding on beach in Mexico


Our final full day in Cabo was the most adventurous of all. An hour into the desert at Tierra Sagrada, we started with a Camel safari along the sandy shores, followed by an off-roading ATV experience with Cabo Adventures. Having heard stories of legendary +24 hour long races across the Baja, the off roading through the desert was pretty epic. Ryder hasn’t stopped talking about it, and Jason promised to take him back when he gets his license in a few years.

Family adventures in Cabo desert Family selfie on ATV adventure in Cabo Family posing on ATV in Cabo desertKids riding camels on beach


As we started the journey back to the hotel, our driver suggested passing through Todos Santos. Known as Magic Town, here you’ll find old haciendas, charming restaurants, and art galleries galore. We even took a photo in front of the Hotel California, which was made famous by a rock song back in the late ’70s. Just when we thought we were done for the day, the driver turned down a seeming dead end road that stopped at the beach. This exact spot seemed to center the sun for the absolute perfect sunset. A text book ending for a epic trip!

Kids posing with Todos Santos sign during sunsetDaughters posing with wall art mural in Mexico Orange sunset on a boat-filled beach in Cabo

Final Day

Our Los Cabos getaway definitely goes down for the books, and one we won’t soon forget! Big thank you to TransCabo for all of the transportation provided. Our driver Yanlui was the best, because his suggestions led to some of our favorite memories of the trip.

Kids smiling with transcabo transportation driver Kids boarding family vacation flight on JetBlue to Cabo

And an extra special thanks to Los Cabo Tourism for hotel and accommodations. I guarantee we will be back next year for more!

This post was originally published April 18th, 2022*

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  1. I have always dreamed of a trip to Mexico and Los Cabos, after seeing many photos, videos on Instagram and now reading your blog post … what can I say, I realized that it is really the place where I would like to spend my next holidays!

  2. What a great adventure, I absolutely love Mexico and had such an amazing time every time I was able to visit. Great photos, I also got to ride horses on the beach and it was such an amazing experience.

  3. I’ve only ever traveled to Mexico on a cruise and haven’t done anything international with my boys yet. Now they are finally old enough I would consider it but the covid restrictions are keeping us from traveling out of the country yet. You look like you had a wonderful time and now I want to go to the beach and enjoy our warm south Texas weather this weekend.

  4. Mexico looks beautiful, and this is the first time I’ve seen horses on the beach! I just went to the beach with my family too and it is indeed a memorable bonding moment.

  5. oh wow! Los Cabos is officially going to be on my list. The place looks amazing! Love love love your photos. I am sure this is one great family adventure!

  6. I am glad we can now travel to another country without the strict requirements when COVID 19 was with us. Your pictures are great and I can see you had a great family vacation.

  7. Looks like a very nice experience! I have been researching this for quite a while now and I guess I will definitely be planning now to visit this. Hopefully with my family too.

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