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NYC Travel Made Luxe

The kids have been in school now for about a month, but they only had their first full five day week last week. The holidays in the middle of the weeks have made the adjustment into school mode bumpy, and with Jason away almost every day since school started, and I’ve been left to manage all the new schedules, after school activities, and routines myself. To say it’s been overwhelming is an understatement, but everyday seems to be getting easier, as we settle into the groove.


During this time of year, the commute to and from school is one the things that I look forward to the most. The weather tends to be so pleasant, and our walk along the water, under the trees, with my three babes chatting about their impending day is something I cherish. While getting ready in the morning can be somewhat chaotic, its all forgotten as we step into our elevator. Gemma probably looks forward to our mornings the most. She packs her toys and a dolls, and climbs into our Orbit Baby stroller. Ryder and Siella walk alongside, or stand on the stroller’s onboard the sidekick boards. First stop is Ryder’s school, and then we cross the West Side Highway to Siella’s pre school. On the way home, Gemma and I stop at our favorite coffee shop, a refill of coffee for me, and her mini banana muffin. We almost always bump into one of my friends along the way. Our walk home at the end of the day from pickup is usually the same, except for stops at soccer practice, ballet class, or a playdate.
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I’m really psyched about Orbit Baby’s new limited edition Porter Collection, offering a new finish of heather grey twills upholstery, with a chic finish of black leatherette trim around the shade. The collection is inspired by the Gilded Age of luxury travel, exactly what this travel system stands for. The new look completely overhauled the look of my stroller, and compliments the autumn season perfectly. After all, our wheels of transportation need to be not only functional but fashionable too. This new limited edition really makes our travel system look super luxe.

IMG_8706 IMG_8616 IMG_8704

The new Orbit G3 boasts the same exact patented features, but now with a new limited edition fabric for the shades, seats, and underneath cargo basket.  This new system includes G3 Infant Car Seat and base, Stroller Seat, Stroller Base, Cargo Basket and Sunshade; and a perfect deluxe Travel Mug is included as a complimentary gift. It’s currently available for pre-order, shipping out soon on October 8th.


Fall is one of my favorite season’s, especially when it comes to fashion, so no need to tell you how psyched I was to see Orbit’s new fall edition, because I love changing up our stroller to coordinate with the seasons. For the fashion shoot, I chose this grey floral ruffle hem dress from Free People, and Gemma wore this darling Cat Print Dress and knee high socks are from Lania Moon Boutique. The new premium finishes, along with the new details of the twill fabrics on the stroller accessories matched us perfectly.


The new school season brought many changes, but I think we all are finally enjoying our new routines, especially during our walk (or should I say ride) to school.

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7 thoughts on “NYC Travel Made Luxe”

  1. Oh how I love GEMMA’S FACE!
    My fave part of the day is the walk to school as well.
    Even when the child is grumpy 🙂 it’s usually gone by the time we get there.

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