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Serious Sleep With Dohmie

As you all know, we are having sleep issues in our household. Obviously, having three kids in one bedroom is not an idea situation but it’s New York City and you sacrifice certain things. Right or am I crazy? In my last post, No Sleep Till College I wrote how I was hiring a sleep consultant. Well I did, and she is fabulous (more to come on that), but while we are still a work in progress, I will tell you the first thing she recommended..a noise machine.


I happened to discover the Dohmie machine by Marpac. The Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle by Marpac is mom and baby’s new best friend. Packed with Marpac’s original tried and true white noise machine, the Dohm-NSF is the official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. The Dohm creates a natural white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep, allowing for a quiet night time. The Dohm’s sound is seamless and continuous because it uses electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air, unlike other white noise machines that work on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time. White noise buffers noises such as neighbors outside, parents watching TV and siblings playing in the next room so your newborn, toddler or older child can sleep without being disturbed. The Dohm features two sound speeds with fully adjustable tone and volume settings.


I am not kidding when I say there was a noticable difference in Gemma’s sleep that night. She would wake at all hours of the night and I noticed that first night she actually slept an several additional hours. Another significant change was her day-time naps. Having three children, our apartment can become quite noisy. The Dohmie helped to drown out the sounds of Ryder and Siella, letting Gemma taking much longer naps. Making her a much more happier baby.


The compact size and lightweight design is key for easy transport. I was a little afraid our sleep schedule and routine would get thrown off with traveling for the Thanksgiving weekend, but she seemed to have adjusted easily and definitely have the Dohm to thank since it definitely created the same environment she has at home. Since she now goes to bed so early (with her new schedule in play), the white noise helped drown out the noise of a busy home for the holidays, letting her sleep. She wound up sleeping better at my parents house than ours that weekend!

The Dohmie  Serious Sleep Baby Bundle by Marpac is available at baby retailers such as ToysRUS.

For more information visit www.marpac.com

 This was a sponsored post by Marpac via Mom It Forward Blogger Network

 All thoughts and opinions are always my own. 


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