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Neutralizing Odors for Back to School

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As you know we live in a small New York City apartment, which is sometimes not easy as a family of five. You have the space issue for sure, and when one item is misplaced, an entire room can look as though it is upside down. And let’s talk about odors. With windows only lining one wall, it is definitely hard to air things out. Neutralizing odors is something I try to do year-round, but it becomes so much more important when the school year comes along. It might seem like odors in the home would be worse in the summer. After all, there’s more time for playing outdoors, which can mean more sweat, but as counterintuitive as it might, seem, I’ve found the situation to be reversed. In our home, back to school means back to stinky.

Between sweaty soccer uniforms, dance stuff, and shoes, things get much stinkier. Running around in the summer is a far cry from field drills and an hour of dance practice every day. When you add to that the fact that all the grungy stuff gets thrown into a bag to ferment until it gets home – or longer in some cases – things get extra stinky during the school year. Oh, and I almost forgot friends who come over with their stinky stuff in tow, as well. That’s why I make neutralizing odors my mission in a big way when the school year ramps up.

I’ve always found that unpleasant odors in the home are not only embarrassing, but they’re distracting, as well. It’s hard to focus on homework or family time when an odd or downright pungent odor is tickling your nose non-stop. That’s why I love my Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Sprays. They help me neutralize odors in the home and focus on family time and helping the kids with their homework rather than tracking down that strange smell that seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

With Air Wick®, I can focus on being a mom and not on that weird smell coming from the corner. Their Pure Automatic Spray collection comes in 15 distinct fragrances, so you can find the variety or varieties right for you. I love to put one in the entryway to our home, one in the kitchen, and one in the kids’ bedrooms to help with neutralizing odors in the spaces that need it most. Since I don’t love a heavy scent, I always keep my Pure Automatic Spray on the lowest setting. It gets rid of odors wonderfully, doesn’t overpower the room, and at the low setting, it gives me 24/7 odor control for up to 60 days.

If you haven’t tried Air Wick Pure Automatic Sprays, get out there and pick some up. They make neutralizing odors in the home as easy as setting and forgetting.


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  1. We have an air wick too that normally lives in our kitchen or living room and it works wonders to keep things smelling nice. We used to have a similar problem being in a flat that the window space was quite limited and only on one side x

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