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Personal Tutoring with a Personal Touch – Gooroo

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Personal tutoring can be a massive help in giving kids a leg up for the upcoming school year. Every school year brings more information, which builds off of the previous year’s curriculum. That means it’s incredibly important for our kids to be on the ball at all times to ensure the best education possible. However, the summer slide is a real thing. Over those three months of carefree, school-free days, kids can lose a lot of what they learned in the previous year. That’s where personal tutoring comes in. With a personal tutor, you can help get your kids refreshed for the coming school year and get some special attention in those areas that might not be your child’s strongest.

However, all tutoring isn’t created equal. A personal tutor doesn’t necessarily give personalized tutoring, and that’s a big distinction. Not all kids learn in the same way. In fact, most don’t. We’re all individuals, and we all process the world differently, that is especially true for children. That’s why it’s vital that our kids get personalized tutoring that is tailor-made for them. With that, they’ll learn more, and they won’t be miserable while they’re doing it.

I recently scheduled an appointment for personal tutoring for Ryder. I wanted to give him a refresher on his reading and get his mind prepared to absorb the new information he’ll be learning over the year. I booked his session online with Gooroo.

One thing I want to stress immediately about Gooroo is that it’s a different kind of tutoring service. Rather than a cookie-cutter tutoring curriculum, Gooroo takes a personalized approach to their educational help. That’s because Gooroo’s founder, Scott Lee, found himself in the same boat as many other people in search of tutors. He couldn’t find a tutor to suit his needs. While attending Columbia University, Scott searched for a tutor to help with a class in which he was struggling. However, none of the tutors he tried were able to connect with him. This inability to find a tutor that could help him in a way he could absorb was what gave him the idea for Gooroo.

Gooroo’s mission is to help children learn in a way that suits their individual way of absorbing information. Every child learns differently, and the unfortunate fact is that the education system and many tutors and tutoring agencies don’t take this into account. Gooroo changes that by offering a personal tutoring membership that matches students to tutors who can help them learn in their own unique way. They have expert tutors in over 300 subjects, and what’s even more impressive to me — is that they provide students and parents with continuous feedback, progress reports, and a designated Personal Learning Consultant who is there to guide them every step of the way. This approach makes for a learning experience which constantly changes and evolves based on a child’s unique learning patterns.

Ryder and I were both incredibly impressed with his personal tutoring experience. I saw firsthand just how well Gooroo matches tutors to their students. I also saw how easy it was for my son to absorb the information given to him, and how proud he was of that. I can say without a doubt the Gooroo delivers exactly what it says it can, and we will definitely be scheduling sessions weekly.

Visit Gooroo today and learn how personal tutoring with a personalized touch can help give your child the head start he or she needs to make this school year the best one yet.

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  1. This is so true. There are so many different learning styles that whatever student you had you need to have an individualized way of working with one and not a one size fits all policy. Sounds like it’s a great thing.

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