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My New MacBook Air

I’m all about hard work and play in equal measure. When it’s time to buckle down and crank out some content, do a photo shoot, or create a video, I’m dialed in 100 percent. On the other hand, when it’s time to relax and have some fun, I make the most of that time, as well.

What I Need

When I sit down at my laptop, I want a machine that delivers performance for my work, fast speeds for downloads and uploads, and a fantastic screen for the best picture, whether I’m doing design work or watching a movie. The new MacBook Air gives me all of that, and it does it in a lightweight package. I’m a fan of Apple products and this is the best laptop! I had the older model and this one really has better performance, new colors and is perfect for every day use.


This machine is an absolute beast, but it looks like a beauty. It’s large enough to accommodate a 13.6-inch screen so I don’t feel like I’m looking at an oversized phone. So it is slightly bigger screen than the previous model that was a 13-inch macbook pro. At the same time, it’s lightweight and agile enough for me to easily take it anywhere, making it the best macbook. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer, that’s important to me.


Speaking of the display, it boasts a native 2560×1664 native resolution at 224 pixels per inch and supports up to 1 billion colors! It also has True Tone technology, a must for design as well as gaming and streaming. With an 8 or 10-core Apple M2 chip, the MacBook Air is also powerful. An m2 air is a big deal to me, it really makes a huge difference and the retina display on this new m2 macbook air is a selling point. It can easily handle all of my graphic needs as well as gaming and entertainment like streaming. It also comes with a 256GB or 512GB solid-state drive configurable up to 2TB for a ton of storage and up to 24GB of RAM for blazing performance.


Speaking of big upgrades, in addition to its power, I love how versatile the MacBook Air is. I can go for up to 18 hours on a single battery charge and when it’s time to charge, the MagSafe 3 charging port ensures that I can easily charge my MacBook Air without fear of debris getting into the port. It also has two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports to support charging, an external display, and more. It even has a 3.5mm headphone jack, something that has gone out of style with a lot of tech these days. This one does not include the touch bar, but I really don’t think it’s necessary.

New Colors

As a blogger with a YouTube account, as well as several forms of social media, I do a lot of video editing. I love that this is a larger screen, as screen size can be important when editing in programs, such as final cut pro. We are in a new era and this one includes a long battery life, better speakers and a similar price point that’s on par to what we normally pay for computers. After all, this popular laptop really does everything! I will definitely be using it for a long time to come, that’s for sure! I wanted to note that it is available in space gray, as well as two new colors- starlight and midnight!


And speaking of audio, you may not think it’s possible in such a lightweight machine, but the MacBook Air features a four-speaker sound system that supports Spatial Audio for music or video with Dolby Atmos. If you love your AirPods, you’ll also be able to enjoy Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking when using your 3rd-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. You’ll also be able to take advantage of a three-mic array.


When you’re on the go, the built-in 802.11az WiFi 6 with Bluetooth 5.0 makes sure you’re connected no matter where you are, making it perfect for work or play at a moment’s notice. That’s important to me because there are times when I need to share photos, videos, or write quick proposals, ideas, and drafts at the drop of a hat.

In Conclusion

Finally, the MacBook Air makes work and play better with that intuitive, safe operating system we all know and love. This is an area that I really love because I think it’s the best out there, and I love that they improve but never change it. When you combine that system with the power, speed, and versatility of the MacBook Air, you’ve got a machine that makes work and play the best they can be. With incredible performance, an updated design and a better screen, what more could you ask for?!

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14 thoughts on “My New MacBook Air”

  1. I’ve had a macbook for over a decade now and won’t ever have another type of computer! I’m glad they went back to the magsafe power cords as mine’s a USB-C so I worry about it getting tripped on and pulling my whole computer down.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you. I have heard about this laptop but I never knew it was this amazing. I hope I would get one soon too. 🙂

  3. Wow! The new MacBook Air is a beast, it has upgraded to the fullest. Got to check this out at an apple store near us! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. Would you believe I have never used a Mac? I have been using personal computers, laptops, etc since they were first invented, but I have never tried a Mac. It’s about time I experienced what they have to offer- I have heard that once you go Mac, you never go back!

  5. I’m in the market for a new laptop but, due to the current economic situation, maybe not a mac book. But they’ve always been on my most wanted list.

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