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Decorating for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here next weekend! How is everyone doing decoration-wise? I know it can be difficult to grab some last minute decor, so I thought I’d help come up with a few ideas! It’s fun to have some patriotic pieces, but getting things we will be able to use over and over again is also a great idea! Being able to take advantage of our outdoor space is the beauty of the summer season.

Here are some items you need for your holiday weekend celebrations!

Patriotic Spirit

Between Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day, I think it’s safe to say the American flags are the official print of summer! Patriotic decorations and patriotic colors are perfect for your Labor Day party. A few fun ideas are American flags in drinks instead of umbrellas for a nice touch, the tablecloths and napkins can have flags on them or keep it a more subtle way by just sticking with a red or blue color. Throw pillows on outdoor furniture to go with the patriotic theme for your Labor Day celebration also work well! I’ve even seen some really cute American flag wreaths for your front door that you could reuse for the Fourth of July. A patriotic wreath would also work for memorial day decor on your front porch.


Image: Hayseed Home

Image: Laurey Glenn Photography

American Flag Pillow (on sale!)

USA Pillow

Table Decor

For a lot of backyard barbecues, the table is the center of attention. And as it should be for the long weekend, there is a lot of baking and cooking that takes place! The tablecloths and items you choose to decorate your dining table with at Labor Day parties with will be the center of attention, no doubt! There is no wrong way to go, you could go all out and keep it patriotic or go with simple decorations that you could reuse. For instance, colors like red, white and blue on their own are perfect for other holidays and special occasions. An alluring table centerpiece would be some flags in a jar or glass, instead of flowers.

Here are some ideas:

Handheld Flags

Star Center Pieces


Tablecloth (currently on sale!)


Dining Sets for Easy Cleanup



Table Necessities

It’s the perfect time to shop for all of these items, as there is just enough time to plan for the patriotic holiday! Table necessities include napkins, plates, a picnic tablecloth, cups, serving utensils, pitchers, a place setting and more. These are much more than just the decorations and they can be used over and over again. It’s especially important to get versatile pieces if you have a small space, so you can easily store it all. The days of summer are counting down and it’s time to prepare for the next season after next weekend. Let’s get ready to celebrate this important holiday weekend!

Blue Pitcher (on sale!)

White Plates


Acrylic Glasses

Tablecloth (can double as picnic blanket)


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