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Apple iOS 16 New Lock Screen Features

I think we all know how much I love Apple devices. I recently got the iPhone 14, which has iOS 16 on it. This is available for all ios users, but it is the new ios on all iPhones these days! The biggest change in this update is the current lock screen. You can change the iPhone’s lock screen, add new wallpaper, make different widgets and more all from the lock button! Having a new way to do things is always nice, and it’s perfect for the New Year, as we get ready for changes in 2023. And for me, one of those resolutions I’m working on is to get more organized! Thankfully, this software update can help me with that!


Not only am I excited that my new phone is purple, but I can change both my lock screen wallpaper and home screen wallpaper so much easier! Instead of having to go into the settings, there are customization options from the press of your finger! If you keep your phone locked, tap the screen and press down until you see the background move into a rectangle and the word customize appears. It’s more of along press than a tap! From here, you can create a new custom lock screen or photo wallpapers from images in your photos app or ones that come with the phone for iPhone users.


Furthermore, you can also create new widgets for your home screen! Widgets are things like notes to remind yourself, easier access to apps such as the weather app, health app, viewing a battery percentage option, etc. This can all be done only from the iPhone lock screen, not while the phone is unlocked. I like widgets because they are right at my hands, rather than having to search through apps or notes for things.

Text Emergency Services

Finally, I wanted to note that with this update comes more than just bug fixes an improved portrait mode and a customize button. There is a new form of a safety check, which I think is important when it comes to choosing a phone. Emergency SOS is available via Satellite, so if you don’t have service, you can still receive texts and calls. Additionally, there is crash detection, which will call for help for you if you’ve been detected of being in a car crash. These are things that give a little more peace of mind when it comes to not only a new iPhone, but just life in general. The whole point of having a phone is for emergencies and being able to reach people to communicate. We have to remember that! The cool features come second.

What is your favorite new feature?

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14 thoughts on “Apple iOS 16 New Lock Screen Features”

  1. One thing I do like about ios is that you can customize your widgets which is a fun feature. Apple has come a long way since I’ve used their iphones and I’ve been considering switching back for a bit now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so important for knowing and understanding the 16 features. I know I want to learn more about the widgets in general.

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