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My Invisalign Journey Final Results

As many of you might already know, I’ve been using Invisalign to help me get the smile I’ve always wanted. Growing up, I didn’t have braces, so all of the small problems that I had with my teeth and bite became much large problems as I got older. Without correction, my teeth were able to move around freely, making each misalignment worse and worse day by day and year by year.
I’ve always been so self-conscious about my smile, and I hated that. I’m a confident, accomplished woman. Walking around feeling like my teeth and smile didn’t match my attitude drove me nuts. That’s why I visited my orthodontist at Park Avenue Orthodontics to see what I could do to fix my problems. I wasn’t sure about what kind of options were available to me, but I knew one thing for sure – I did not want traditional braces.


Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen advised me that Invisalign tooth correction was the way to go. She told me that it was faster and less painful than traditional braces but delivered the same or better results. That all sounded like a win/win to me. So I began my journey to the smile I’ve always wanted. I’ve documented my journey a few times here on the blog, letting all of you know what was going on and how I was feeling. Now it’s time for my final update because my time with Invisalign is over.



Many of you probably know my story, but if you don’t, it all started with 3D imaging of my teeth. From there the proper correction was evaluated, and my first set of trays were ordered. Over the past few months, I’ve transitioned to different trays several times, and each time, I’ve seen so much improvement in my smile!

The best part of the entire process has been watching my Invisalign trays do their thing and being able to check in with Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen of Park Ave Ortho regularly so my progress can be tracked and kept going in the right direction. It’s been such a fantastic journey. My teeth and smile have never looked so amazing, and I’ve never had a better experience with any oral health-related journey as I have with Invisalign and Park Avenue Orthodontics.

Just look at the change!

If you’ve been thinking about Invisalign tooth correction, I can’t recommend it enough, and if you live in the Manhattan area, I can’t say enough good things about Park Avenue Orthodontics. They’ve been so great to me, and I think they’ll be a huge help to you, too!

To see my entire journey visit HERE

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20 thoughts on “My Invisalign Journey Final Results”

  1. I’m so glad to see you are happy with your results. I have been wearing clear aligners (Candid) for about 8 months and I am at the end of my journey too. I am also pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend clear aligners to anyone. It’s much better than metal braces which I had when I was a kid. My teeth shifted terribly throughout the years. The key is wearing the retainer every night to sleep which I intend to do.

  2. Predrag Kovačević

    Wow, I never heard of Invisalign braces before. I used to wear conventional braces when I was a kid. These look much more convenient.

  3. My Aunt had these Invisalign braces before, and it totally give her much more confidence.
    I am actually planning to have Invisalign braces this year.

  4. I’m so glad you had the results you wanted. I can see a huge difference too. My teeth are fine but I think my kids are having the same problem. I will check them out.

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