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Getting Organized With This Family Calendar

As we enter the New Year, one of my goals for my family and I is to become a more organized family. I like to consider myself an extremely organized person, but I’m more about getting my family and SITC team all on the same page. Organization is so key for our busy lifestyle. Between all of us in the family, we’re all go all the time.

My husband is always involved in some aspect of his business, and so am I. We’re both self-employed. My kids have tons of extracurricular activities as well as friends, so they’re always on the go as well. With all of that go, go, going, it’s easy to lose track of dates, appointments, consultations, and the like. We used to use a simple wall calendar, and that was dicey, at best. We had to flip pages to input our information, and then we had to remember to check future months when we needed to add anything new. It helped us stay organized a little, but it wasn’t very efficient or convenient.

A touchscreen family calendar takes everything that’s great about a family calendar and makes it super convenient and easy to use. Rather than flipping pages, we simply swipe to a new month to make our appointments. Everyone in the family can use it, and because it’s a touchscreen, the kids quickly and easily put their own activities in so my husband and I always know what’s coming next.

The touchscreen calendar that we use and love is the Skylight. It’s incredibly user-friendly and does everything we need to help keep our family organized through the chaos that is our lives. Simply plug it in and connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. Using this calendar, we can directly add information, sync our personal calendars or invite other family users to events, and we can even customize the display with color-coding and different views like day, week, or month.

The Skylight even has a mobile app that allows use to view and manage our family calendar no matter where we are. It’s been a total game-changer for a constantly moving family like ours. Since we started using this touchscreen family calendar, we’ve had no issues with overlapping schedules or missed events or appointments, even date nights seem to be more organized  – something we struggled with before. If you need to get your family organized, consider the Skylight touchscreen family calendar. It’s the best calendar my family has ever used by far. Here’s to an organized NEW YEAR!

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11 thoughts on “Getting Organized With This Family Calendar”

  1. I love the idea of having a family calendar! My husband and I are so busy with business and travel, this would help us keep our schedules in sync! The. color coding helps too!

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