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New Year, New Skincare Goals

Happy almost New Year, everyone! When I think about this past year, I think about all of the goals I made that I accomplished and I am so proud. It really is not easy to make a goal and stick to it the entire year, especially when it was such a tough year again. It’s definitely easy to fall out of our goals, so I want to congratulate everyone who stuck to their New Year’s resolutions this year and to those of you who tried. Because trying is half of the work and you should be so proud of yourself for welcoming change!

Every year I hear people say new year, new me and honestly, I’m not a huge fan of that saying. We don’t have to change our entire selves to welcome change. We can make adjustments to our lives that will help better us and that is enough to move in the right direction. Something that I’m working on this year is getting control of my skin. Skincare is in, you guys! It’s cool to take care of yourself and your skin is the largest organ in the body. Yeah, how crazy is that?!

I have a teenager and 2 more kids who are getting close to the teen years and I want to set a good example for all of them and show them that taking care of your skin is very important. More than that, though, I want to take care of my skin! A lot of beauty routines these days that are popular are ones that are natural- no makeup, makeup looks, if you will. Those are very difficult to achieve if your skin is in a rough place. Now, a lot of this has to do with hormones, stress, diet and other outside factors so a skincare routine will not solve everything, but it’s a great starting place.

I want to mention that I am big on probiotics these days, the gut controls everything! If there’s an imbalance there, you’ll want to fix it! Definitely talk to your doctor about suggestions on where to start, but two that I think are great options are Seed and Teami Blends. These are very different products, but definitely worth mentioning to your dermatologist or doctor on great starting places!

I am always on the hunt for the greatest skincare products out there. The beauty industry is constantly changing and for the better! But it makes it harder to find products when new ones are constantly coming out. I have to say, I’m really happy about this list I have for all of you! These are all products that I have used and can vouch for, as always. Some are pricier and some are affordable, no matter what type of skin you have, you will be able to find at least one great takeaway from this grouping.

Also, I can’t stress this enough, sunscreen and water are daily necessities, not options! Take care of your body this year and forever!

Happy shopping and happy, healthy New Year to all!

I am starting with the most important item on this list- sunscreen! I don’t care if you are inside all day, the sun can get you through the windows. This will protect your skin from not only sun damage, but aid in the anti-aging process along the way. This is a great option because it doesn’t cause breakouts and the price is pretty great.
This cleanser is a great option for dry skin, but anyone can use it. Best of all, it’s under $16 for a giant bottle of it! This brand has a ton of great options for every skin type and they’re a fantastic affordable option to look into! Everything is unscented, perfect for sensitive skin.
I cannot express how amazing this toner smells! It’s like going to a spa every time you use it! It’s a clean beauty product and the ingredients are great. After I cleanse my face, I like to use this to make sure I got everything off for the day.
What’s better than a skincare mask? They are so fun to do and the results are always something to look forward to! This one works really well and leaves my face feeling so hydrated.
Let’s talk hyaluronic acid– it’s important! This stuff is vital for retaining moisture. I’ve even heard of people putting it in their hair to lock in moisture, I need to investigate that, though! This brand is great, pricy, but everything is top quality!
Has everyone heard about the retinol hype yet? Because it’s worth it! This is essential for clear skin that is acne and wrinkle free. Yeah, you heard that right! This formula is very lightweight and the tiniest drop is all you really need! I suggest starting out every couple days and graduating to nightly, but put down a base layer of moisturizer to protect your skin and then sandwich it with another layer– it’s strong! Make sure you wear sunscreen daily, because this makes your skin extra sensitive.
Speaking of moisturizer, I can’t rave about this enough! This vegan and cruelty free brand is pricy, but they are worth every ounce of the hype they receive. I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin before! This product is very thick and a little goes a long way, so the price is justifiable!
This is another serum that is great for the skin! It hydrates and reduces hyperpigmentation. My favorite way to wear this product is to use with a primer as the base of my makeup. It creates the most beautiful glow that shines through your makeup or you can wear it on it’s own and sport a healthy glow.
These are pricy, but incredible. They do everything and more! It’s like going to get a facial, but you can do it at your house. I would not use these everyday, though, I like to treat myself 2x a week with them. They help with fine lines, dullness, acne, texture and so much more. The brand offers different strenght levels, so choose the one that best suits your needs!
These are such a treat! You put them in a cool place, I like to run cold water on them and then massage my face in the mornings. They help to depuff and they feel amazing!
When I need to get gunk out of my face, this is the product I use! It unclogs my pores and is so fun to put on! A little goes a long way with this one.
If you haven’t used a Gua Sha, you’re missing out! This is another sort of facial massaging type of tool, but this one is great for lymphatic drainage. It helps to lift and smooth skin, kinda like how we exercise for our muscles in our body, this is that for your face! It feels amazing and if you use it every night, you will notice a difference!
Yes, I have a pillowcase on this list! Silk pillowcases are a gamechanger for your skin and hair! It is key for beauty rest! No bed head, no messed up face with acne, none of that! There are a ton of colors to choose from, as well!
This is the greatest exfoliator! It’s gentle and great at cell turnover. It exfoliates, brightens and reduces the look of pores thanks to the help of lactic and glycolic acids.
Vitamin C is essential to help with anti-aging and brightening your skin’s appearance. The C and E combination here tackles aging and dull skin to make your face look and feel fresh. The smallest amount goes a long way.

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15 thoughts on “New Year, New Skincare Goals”

  1. I agree that skincare should be a top priority. I have tried so many products. It’s hard to find good products that work for each individual’s skin type, especially when your skin reflects the inner body as well. Thanks for these recommendations.

  2. I have been really working on my skin lately, too, so this is perfect. I love the Osea nightly moisturizer, so I am excited to try the Seabiotic water cream! You’re right, it’s a pricier brand but I have found it sooo worthwhile. Thanks for that suggestion, and all the others. Time for some New Years shopping!

  3. Skin care is very important especially as you get older. Finding the right one that works for you is other thing. Great post

  4. Thanks for sharing all these skin care products. I am researching what I want to start using and all this info was super helpful.

  5. Skin care is self care. Taking care of ourselves is very important as you said it also like setting example befor kids to take care of ourselves. And you have set a great skin care routine.

  6. Blair Villanueva

    I love focusing on discovering good skincare products than make-up products. Our skin needs more care, thus we don’t need more makeup! Love the Innisfree sunscreen!

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