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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We are kicking off the holiday season with some shopping! Because what better way to enter the colder months? I know, it’s incredibly difficult to come up with the most thoughtful gifts for a family member or the perfect present for a best friend. Choosing a great gift that will be thoroughly enjoyed can be intimidating. But have no fear because I’ve been doing some major online shopping for everyone in your life! Welcome to my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Now let’s choose the best gifts at all price points for your loved ones!


Let’s begin with the category for babies! It’s more of an easy group to shop for because you can focus on cozy gifts or things they might really need such as a stroller or teething toys. You can never go wrong with toys or comfy and fun gifts. Sweaters, blankets, teething toys and bibs are always the best holiday gifts for babies.

Trip Trap, Barefoot Dreams Blanket, Cup, Teething Toy, Stroller, Baby’s First Holiday Set, Teddy Hat, Sleep Sack, First Foods Set, Sweater, Mittens, Dining Set, Alphabet Toy, Snack Cup, Rainbow Toy


As kids get older, they become a little more difficult to shop for. You want them to have items they will love and get great use out of. But, snagging the best toys on the market scores you points as the coolest parent! Now is the time to shop because the best deals have dropped and it’s the perfect time to pick up all of your Christmas gift ideas. A few things kids have been loving are the pony’s they can ride around the house, battery powered cars for the backyard and Amazon Tablets or Apple ipads for games and movies.

Pop It!, Camera, Nail Polish, Blow Up Bed, Pony, Super Smalls, Kitchen, Basket, Fresh Doll, Gumball Toy, Sweater, Dress

Car, Lego Set, Fun Boy Snow Sled, Rainbow Dough, Tablet, Walkie Talkies, Grocery Stand, Dentist Set, Vineyard Vines Sweater, Scooter, Otterbox Case, Magic Cube

Teens and Tweens

The best way to go about finding gifts for teens and tweens is to ask them for a wish list. Finding cool gifts isn’t so easy these days and we want to get them things they will truly love and enjoy. So usually the best tech gifts are airpods or an ipad. One huge gift you’ll want to get your hands on this year is the Lululemon Sherpa Belt Bag. Even those Fuji Film cameras are cool! But what’s really fun, is that these are the years they are growing into themselves and learning about skincare and wanting to redecorate their rooms.

Chair, Stoney Clover Lane Pouch, LoveShackFancy Shoes, Franki’s Earrings, Chill Tips, Sweatpants, Mario Badescu Skincare, Tank Top, Lele Sadoughi Headband, Hally Hair Jewels, Ugg Slippers, Stoney Clover Lane Fanny Pack, Drunk Elephant skincare, ipad, Glossier Balm, Pimple Patches, Jacket

Chair, Sweatshirt, Speaker, VR Set, Skateboard, Hat, Mini Fridge, Pokemon, Airpods, Madden Game, Crewneck, Sneakers, Spike Ball Set, Nintendo Gaming Set


Is anyone struggling with the best gift ideas for women? Well luckily, I happen to be a woman who loves to shop, so I have more than a few ideas on where to begin. First and foremost, you can never go wrong with jewelry! Blue Nile is having an amazing sale of 50% off this week and then 30% off holiday styling. And something that is incredibly exciting is that I have another necklace out with Taudrey! It’s supporting “She’s the First”, which helps empower young girls to use their voices and help their communities. It’s a locket and they’re even having 30% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the code: MAKEITREINDEER starting the 23rd and running through the 28th.

Perfume, Sunglasses, Ring, Dior Bag, Headband, Taudrey Collaboration Necklace, Earrings, Coat, Prada Shoes, Dior Lip Oil, Beanie, Slippers, RS Pure Jewelry Holiday Gift SetDanceBody Gift Card, Bracelet, Apple Watch


Looking for a gift for the man in your life? I enlisted the help of my husband to see what kinds of things are on his list this year for Christmas. And I’ve gotta say, there are some great items. Portable chargers, apple tv and sweaters are top choices.

Sunglasses, Vest, Boots, Apple TV, Coat, Slippers, Sweater, Backpack, Cologne, Watch, Bomber Jacket, Jeans, Portable Charger, Stanley Coffee Cup, Socks, Pretzel Box


With all of the holiday parties this season, I’ve been on the search for the best hostess gift for all the events I’ll be attending. And I’ve also been thinking about things I have my eye on for my own kitchen, so that’s where I’ve been pulling inspiration from!

Book, OrnamentSalts, Cocktail Set, Rose Box NYC, Plate, Wine Chiller Set, Fancy Peasant Holiday Set, Cutting Board, Frother, Wine 365, Popcorn Seasoning, Cooler

Dog Lovers

If you have a dog or you have a loved one who has one, I have found the best animal finds! I’m snagging some of these for Cooper this season! Toys, treats, sweaters for the colder weather and subscription services are all great ideas.

Onesie, Leash, Bowl, Furbo Camera, Harness, Metrocard Toy, Bark Box, Carrier, Pet Soap, Dog Treat Maker, Sweater, Dog Bed

Gifts that Give Back

There’s a lot of shopping that goes on this time of year, but did you know there are tons of options for awesome gifts that actually give back? Some have donations to charities and some are environmentally helpful. Here are my top picks for these gifts!

Blanket, Jewel Garden, Backpack, Perfume, Chocolate Bars, Shoes, Rare Beauty Lip Color, Coffee, Sugar Scrub, Tatcha Skincare, Snack Set, Candle

Family Game Night

We like to have family game night on Friday nights! It’s been more difficult to find games my kids enjoy as they get older, one’s they feel like they don’t age out of. But I think we’ve landed on a pretty solid grouping of games that we can’t wait to play this new year!

Her Story, Vintage Games, Uno Dare, The Great Bake Down, Beat the Parents, Blokus, Family Feud, Heads Up!, Pictionary, Do You Really Know Your Family?

Stocking Stuffers

And now, for the category that we all forget about until the very last moment. Every year I freak out that I don’t know what I’m going to find to fill stockings with and this year that ends! I have found some amazing products that I am so excited to share with you all! One of them is the Birdie Alarm, which is a safety alarm. If you live in a big city, especially, these are comforting to have on you, but everyone should have one! Also Stanley Cups are our newest obsession! We all have one and I swear they are the only cups we drink water out of these days! They have tons of cute color options and the best part is that they fit perfectly in your cup holders in your car!

Stanley Cups, Briefs, Candle, Birdie Alarm, Jennifer Fisher ScentMakeup Erasers, Kitsch Skincare Set, Flexi Rods, Fancy Peasant Mini GEVOO, Eye Masks, Turmeric Latte Blend, Otterbox 3-in-1 Magsafe Charger, Kiehls Set, Necessaire Set, Lace Thongs, Ouai Scrub, Slip Hair Ties, Beanie, Barefoot Dreams Socks

Wrapping Paper

Every perfect gift needs some great wrapping. The packaging really is one of the most fun parts of a gift. Especially when you see them looking so pretty under the tree. Wrapping paper these days is next level! Amp up your gifting skills with the ultimate presentation style. If it’s a smaller gift that would fit in a holiday stocking, that’s always a fun option. I’ll include some of my favorite gift wrap, ribbon and boxing options for gift giving this holiday season!

Kenmare Rose Ikat Wrapping Paper

Canary Island Wrapping Paper

Metallic Wrapping Paper

Louise Pretzel Wrapping Paper

Holiday Wrapping Paper

Iridescent Ribbon

Metallic Ribbon

Hallmark Shirt Box

Mini Christmas Tree Party Boxes

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I can see how much work and effort you have put into creating those amazing charts for everyone. I particularly find it hard to give presents to men but you have great suggestions there. In love with the Stanley thermos and cups. Great job and many thanks!

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