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Sunglasses You Need This Summer

With the weather getting warmer, summer is on my mind! And with that, comes summer accessories, specifically, sunglasses! These are some of the best accessories because they can be worn year-round. And honestly, when it comes to sunglasses trends, I actually think they don’t disappear as quickly as trends in clothing for example, because it’s always in style to have cool and unique shades!

When you go to shop for sunglasses, it’s all about shopping for your face shape. Obviously, you want something that compliments it well! I do want to note that I think aviator shades are a great pair for every face shape, so if you can’t decide on any, definitely go with that style!


Specifically, round faces are going to want to go for the shapes that are on the square side. The angles on the sunnies will help to slim and elongate the face. For example, square, rectangle and geometric shapes will work perfectly for you! Undeniably, if you’re having trouble finding the perfect shades, think: the opposite of my shape.


Secondly, it’s time to discuss oval shapes! Honestly, kind of like how aviators are flattering on every face, this particular face shape, I think, can really pull of any shape it wants. Because of the longer face, no shapes are obstructing in any way. Overall, you guys have it easy! Haha.


When it comes to square shaped faces, it’s the opposite of round. Particularly, what you’ll want to go for are the rounder shades. These will help to round out the face a little more and compliment it! For instance, circular, round, club masters and wayfarers are a great option. Again, your best options will be the opposite of your face shape.


Finally, heart shaped faces are a very unique shape to shop for. No worries, though, because it is not difficult to shop for by any means, just what you’ll want to do is go for the shapes that look lifting. Surely, what these would include are cat eyes, rectangles, wayfares, browlines and ovals. You almost have to think, the more shape the sunnies have, the more flattering they are!


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Not only are these sunglasses on trend while being versatile, but the price is great! At under $40, they are a steal.
Round sunglasses are always a fun option! I love the pink tint to these, it goes well with everything and screams summer to me!
When it comes to sunglasses, I feel like the trends stay awhile. It’s always in style to have cool shades and the peach tone on these is great!
These are my favorite pair at the moment! The cateye is super flattering and I love the Swarovski crystals!
I love a big sunglasses look! The transparent look is super cool and goes well with everything!
A pair of aviator sunglasses is a must! I love these because the brand is trustworthy and they are perfect for everyday wear.
The mixture of the tortoise and pink is perfection! The shape is really nice too and I think allows for great protection from the sun.
A big square style is always nice to have on hand. It frames rounder faces really nicely!
These acetate frames are a really cool tortoise-marble vibe. Also they ship really quickly from this site!
The blush shade of these sunnies are too cute! Neutrals are in year round and can be fun to sport in the summer a little. Also, these shades are sustainable!
Now these are some cool aviators! They have a zigzag design that is super wearable and come in several shades. Also, check out that price-so affordable!!
You know how much I love the Mother of Pearl! I think these shades are so unique and cool. They can make any outfit chic!
Pink and sparkles? Sign me up! These sunnies are super affordable at $20 and so fun for the summer!
How cute are these?! They are shaped like seashells, which is perfect for the summer, but at the same time, it’s a totally wearable shape and accessory.
These are a really cool hexagonal shape, which is pretty unique. I think they are really flattering, especially on round and oval shaped faces.

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14 thoughts on “Sunglasses You Need This Summer”

  1. I’m loving the “oh damn” and the “float away” sunglasses. So cute! I am a bit of a sunglass hoarder but I don’t wear them enough for the amount I have.

  2. These are all stunning, I love the pink cat eye shades on you, they accent you so well! I’m a big fan of heart shades (I have a pair in lime green) but the Sweetheart glasses you listed are making me green with envy!

  3. I am not a sunglass person as I wear hi-power spectacles but these Atmosphere V2 spectacles I really like. I will get it as a collection.
    P.S, you look beautiful in all.

  4. Sunglasses can change your whole look. I remember when the heart frames first came out, I was so in love with them!

  5. Dominique Parrish

    I wish I didn’t break is my sunglasses that I actually do, these are so cute! Definitely fun to see new trends in sunglasses 🙂

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