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Mommy Choices

When I first became a mom, I underwent a complete transformation. Like all new moms, I wanted nothing short of the best for my child, going to great lengths to give them just that. Home cooked meals were always an important part of our routine at home, and that was only amplified once Ryder was old enough to eat solids. At that point, I started reading labels, to confirm that he was only taking in Non-GMO and organic foods.

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Recently, a friend of mine welcomed her third child, and we started talking about what formula she was using. She breast fed her first two other children, but as a result of medical complication two years ago, she was unable to nurse her third. So now, she needed to educate herself on different formula options, because she felt the need to give her child the best formula.


I told her about Similac’s newest Non-GMO formula option. Similac Advance Non-GMO is the first and only non-GMO-labeled formula from a leading infant formula brand in the United States. Rather than replacing any of the brand’s existing products, this latest option is an extension of Abbott’s U.S. products, which also includes Similac Organic. The new Similac Advance Non-GMO formula has the same ingredients as market-leading Similac Advance, which is their closest formula to breast milk. The distinction? The high-quality ingredients used in each are sourced differently. The non-GMO product doesn’t contain ingredients that have been genetically engineered. Over the past few years, there have been overwhelming requests by parents for a non-GMO infant formula option, and finally, they have delivered. Similac Advance Non-GMO, which is made from ingredients not genetically engineered, will begin appearing on U.S. shelves at Target this month and nationwide in September.

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Making sure your baby has the healthiest options on the market is critical. But I think knowing that you are giving your baby the best as you possibly can, will help you sleep a bit easier at night.

Thank you Similac for sponsoring this post. 

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